10 World’s Largest Ads

The best and the most persuasive way to gain the eyes and mind of people and hence to increase the sale of any product is through advertisement. From the very beginning days of ads there has been a tremendous competition among ad companies and they all want to make the advertising boards as big as possible.

The Guinness book has though a record holder for the biggest billboard but there are still many attractive and astonishing boards which definitely require our attention.

1)  World’s Biggest Signpost for Nokia –

The mobile phone giant was also interested in making the giant signpost which is at a height of 50 mts from road. It weighs two tones and has the length of two double decker buses.

World's Biggest Signpost for Nokia2) World’s Largest Billboard (and it’s eco-friendly) –

This worlds largest billboard is all made of recycled and biodegradable materials. It is about 1.5 km long and is an another jewel in the crown of city of Dubai.

World's Largest Billboard (and it's eco-friendly)3) World’s Biggest Shave for Gillette –

This time a rugby ground is used to create a monster sized 70m*50m face of Roger Federrer as a shaving ad for Gillette. Street Advertising Services of UK did this miracle.

World's Biggest Shave for Gillette4) World’s largest Advertising Hoarding for Betfair –

The farmers of Vienna made this giant 40 football fields sized bill board for euro 2008 championship. Betfair.com spent almost 4 months to complete the same and this is all made of wheat, marigold and cotton plants.

World's largest Advertising Hoarding for Betfair5) World’s Largest Coca-Cola logo –

You can also watch this coca cola logo made of empty bottles of coca cola in the desert of Chile, Africa from the satellites, it is 50m * 120m.

World's Largest Coca-Cola logo6) World’s Largest Building Wrap for ‘TRANSFORMERS’ movie –

This pyramid is known as Optimus Prime and is made in Las Vegas to promote the movieTransformers. This is about 500ft high and has 100,000 sq. ft. of area.

World's Largest Building Wrap for 'TRANSFORMERS' movie7) Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘face in space’ seen on Google earth –

This Kfc logo was made in the deserts of Nevada with 65,000 tiles which covers an area of 87,500 sq. ft.

Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘face in space' seen on Google earth8) World’s Largest Poster for Michael Jackson’s Album –

though hits not an advert rather it’s a poster but this poster has a Guinness world record on its name of being the largest poster. It is made over an area of 2,700 square mts.

World's Largest Poster for Michael Jackson's Album9) World’s Largest Building Paint Ad for Nationwide Insurance –

This is made in Columbus, America and is very beautiful ad as it has an illusion of spilt paint all over the building and car parking plus parked cars. It is made by ‘Coop’s paints’.

World's Largest Building Paint Ad for Nationwide Insurance10) The Biggest Outdoor Media –

This advert has a spread of 20,000 sq. mt. and is made near the Heathrow Airport, London.



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