10 WTF Moments of March 14, 2015

Trying out the new carpool lane.

Carpool Lane

Two crows got electrocuted and one was completely missing both legs, which I just couldn’t find… until I looked up.

Crows electrocuted

That looks stable…

looks stable...

Melted Cow Popsicle Sculpture in Budapest.

Melted Cow Popsicle

Nose-horned viper tries to eat a centipede, the centipede chews his way out.

Nose-horned viper Vs centipede

Wanna see my third leg? No really…

Three legged man

This has to be one of the most unnerving warning signs I’ve seen.

unnerving warning sign

Accident on the interstate. How did this even happen?!

interstate accident

Walking around in Brooklyn and caught a hawk snatching a pigeon.

Hawk snatches pigeon

So I went to buy a teddy bear..

Scary Teddy Bear

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