10 WTF Moments of the Day – April 10th 2012

Satan Claus…, parked inconspicuously…, Dude at the mall…, oh God…, pub restroom…, Hitler + Kettle…, Puppy just brought…, Philadelphia butcher shop…, Uhhhh…., barbie + mohawk…

1. Here Comes Satan Claus

2. Took me daughter to the park yesterday and saw this thing parked inconspicuously.

3. Dude at the mall

4. Is he pass — oh God

5. Found this (presumably 1980s) ad for Budweiser longnecks in a pub restroom

6. Hitler + Kettle = WTF?

7. Puppy just brought me breakfast in bed!

8. Seen at a Philadelphia butcher shop.

9. Uhhhh….

10. barbie + mohawk =

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