10 WTF Moments of the Day – April 14th 2012

At my office…, Non chalant…,  Just terrible…, Someday…, Epitome of forever alone…, Troubling officer…,  A cemetery…, Rains in Southern California…, has balls of steel…, 

1. Shit just got real at my office

2. Very non chalant

3. This is just terrible… [gif]

4. Someday…

5. Well this is awful…

6. This seems like the epitome of forever alone.

7. “What seems to be the trouble, officer?”

8. Visiting a cemetery I came across this, he is above ground, not sealed in, and I think thats his suit sticking out.

9. This is what happens when it slightly rains in Southern California

10. This guy is either drunk, or has balls of steel [gif]