Worst name ever.

10 WTF Moments of the Day – July 26th, 2012

Worst name ever…, Snake Food…, Creepiest fortune cookie…, highway congestion…, Nice street…, Etoile Bleue…, Spotted in England…, … Fine…, my building…, Anal Angst…

1. Worst name ever.

2. Snake Food

3. Creepiest fortune cookie I’ve ever received.

4. Just some highway congestion

5. Nice street to live on

6. This painting (Etoile Bleue) was sold for $37m. Excuse me while I burn all my art supplies.

7. Spotted in England. Do people really eat this ice cream flavor?

8. … Fine?

9. So this pulled up in front of my building…

10. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the ‘Anal Angst’ or ‘Rectal Revenge’.

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