14 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – July 19th to July 25th, 2013

Check out the machine porn of this week…….

1.Dutch F-16 [800x1162]

2. 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Flat-Six (x-post from r/Porsche) [1258x852]

3.DARPA’s hollow-core optical fiber [1000 x 1294]

4. Nikon D4 with 14-24mm lens cut in half [3222x2452]

5.my favorite gearset, double enveloping worm drive (256X188)

6.  Apollo Portable Life Support System (PLSS) uncovered [2261x1789]

6. Airbus A380 Flight Deck [3002x1994]

7. Drill bit left at an early 1900’s rock quarry in Duluth MN [2500X1700] [OC]

8. Ol49-69 departing with an afternoon stopping service to Poznan, Poland, April 2013 [OC][4254x2848]

9. Compressor stall with an engaged reverse on a DC-8 airliner [1024x581]


10. Atlas V blasting off with MUOS-2 [2048x1365]

11. Shell’s biggest oil platform,Olympus, heads for deep-water Gulf. [1920x1280]

12. Napier Deltic cutaway, showing its signature opposed piston design [1667x1143]

13. Earthmoving equipment being swallowed by the desert near Picacho State Park. [960x720]

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