15 Best Adrenaline Pictures of the Week – June 27th to July 4th, 2012

1. BASE jumping in Fayetteville, West Virginia

2. Worker brushes clean the Anzhaite Long-Span Suspension Bridge in Jishou, Hunan, China — 1,102 feet up

3. Kite surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge

4. Alex Honnold speed climbs El Capitan in Yosemite, California

5. Alex Honnold takes on the third zigzag of Half Dome without a rope. Photo by Jimmy Chin

6. Snowboarder Dimitri Biau along with DC skaters Jeremy Grymblat and Julien Bechet, make the most of a sunny spring session in Les Houches, France

7. The ‘Jetman’ aka Yves Rossy thrusts through the air after dropping from a helicopter in his carbon-kevlar jetwing over Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

8. Great B & W Capture (OC)

9. BMX: 360 can-can (OC, selfshot)

10. Skiin’ Ian – Whistler B.C. (OC)

11. DEEP pow turn… (OC)

12. Xavier de le Rue taking on the Mönch

13. Shredding In whistler B.C. – (OC)

14. Samson Danniels – Winter X Games 2012 (OC)

15. Dawid Pietrzak Trials Riding