15 Best Tattoos of the Week – July 4th to July 10th, 2013

Check out the tattoos of this week get updated designs……

1. Flew to Hong Kong to get this piece from Wang at Tattoo Temple. 1 session, 7 hours straight.


2. My tattoo by Steve Morris of Bodyworks Tattoo, Pittsburgh, PA

3. This is my rainbow giraffe tattoo, done by the fantastic Bryan Mozjesik at Big Brain in Omaha, NE. Three and a half hours of severe pain but so worth it.

4. My shin piece by Drew Shallis at STR Body Modifications, Wyong NSW

5. My very simple Quill and Ink tattoo done by Dan @ Heritage Tattoo, Ellijay, GA

6. Skull with sunflowers done by Paul Marino at Raw Power Tattoo in Feasterville, PA. Wish this was my

7. First good piece and so stoked!!! By Frank Sanchez-cattattoo (

8. Tattoo by Thomas Hooper

9. For my daughter. If I would have known the ex wanted a divorce I probably would have gone a different direction. Oh well, she loves both of us so it works :] (Big Mike @ Aftershock Tattoo. Olathe, KS)

10. My deer and compass done by Jack Kidd at Lakeside tattoo in Brisbane, QLD

11. My Star Wars pieces by Wes Carter @ Carters Tattoo Company in Bowling Green KY

12. Industrial/ Neo-Traditional Sparrow by Rotor Finerats, Aloha Tattoos – Barcelona


14. My 1984 inspired leg piece by Sophia Baughan @ Shanghai Charlies, Sydney Australia.

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