The Plusjack Walking Harvester (1999)

30 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – June 12th to June 19th, 2012

1. The Plusjack Walking Harvester (1999)

2. Mesta 50,000 Ton Forging Press. It was completed in 1955, and is expected to remain in operation until at least 2061.

3. Tree Spade

4. Honda NSR500 engine

5. The 2012 Wider 42 cruiser…

6. Biggest passenger ship in the world. “Allure of the Seas” – Launched in 2010, Height:236 ft, Depth:74 ft, 16 passenger decks.

7. The Airbus A300B4-608ST ‘Beluga’ Super Transporter 

8. 14-24mm f2.8 lens cutaway  Ken

9. 1917 Bucyrus Class 24 Dragline and 1929 Bucyrus Erie 200-B Stripping Shovel.

10. Parson’s Turbine Rotor

11. First segment of James Webb Space Telescope’s primary mirror 

12. Ready and Waiting: some of the 4,400 military aircraft awaiting reactivation at AMARC, Tucson AZ

13. Detroit Diesel DD15. 14.8 L 6-cylinder. Worked in a machine shop that made parts for DD engines for years. Impressive stuff.

14. Monster caterpillar – eindhoven, the netherlands

15. Rostvertol Mi-26T

16. Erickson S-64E, Skycrane 20,000lbs max payload…

17. The Fifty: 50,000 ton press

18. Monster caterpillar – eindhoven, the netherlands

19. TANK

20. Ural Russian Sidecar

21. GE CF6 Turbofan

22. Rescue boat on the beach, nightphoto – noordwijk, the netherlands

23. One of the mirrors for the James Webb Space Telescope

24. Landscaper, for whenever there is a landscape photocontest – eindhoven, the netherlands

25. 1928 Boeing 40C / Pratt and Whitney Wasp Engine

26. Ferrari’s 4.5L V8

27. PG&E Natural Gas Power Plant, Moss Landing CA. Generators 1 & 2

28. Siemens Gas Turbine

29. Pratt & Whitney Aircraft – Dependable Engines

30. Nightphoto of a rescue boat with transporter on the beach – noordwijk, the netherlands

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