20 Best Tattoos of the Week – Sept 11th to Sept17th, 2012

Check out the best tattoos weekly collection to get a unique style………..

1. Bad Ass Seniors!

Bad Ass Seniors! (1)  2. As requested, a Non-Instagram version of my henna-style tattoo by Kim of Prix in Hollywood.

Bad Ass Seniors! (2)  3. My Velma tattoo by Jay Wheeler at Eternal Tattoo in Livonia MI

Bad Ass Seniors! (3)  4. Some paws for my puppy that died from a tumor

Bad Ass Seniors! (4)  5. After nearly six years of doodling it everywhere, I finally got this tattooed! By the lovely Jenny at the Tattooed Teapot in Manchester, UK.

Bad Ass Seniors! (5)  6. My Henna-Style Tattoo by Kim Durham of Prix in Hollywood

Bad Ass Seniors! (6)  7. Getting it colored soon, I really like how it came out!

Bad Ass Seniors! (7)  8. Don’t know much about tattoos, but this guy is talented.

Bad Ass Seniors! (8)  9. Healed tattoos are what you live with

Bad Ass Seniors! (9)  10. My puffin – Done by Ina at Icelandic Tattoo Expo

Bad Ass Seniors! (10)


11. Memorial tattoo for my son. Artist: Greg Votaw; Galveston Tattoo Corner, Galveston, TX.

Bad Ass Seniors! (11)  12. Raven & Skull by Scott Spencer @The Inkery, Austin,TX FINISHED!

Bad Ass Seniors! (12)  13. Blue Lotus and Dragon Claw (Adam Sky, Rose Gold’s Tattoo, San Francisco, California)

Bad Ass Seniors! (13)  14. Got my first tattoo! What do you think Reddit?

Bad Ass Seniors! (14)  15. First tattoo – in honor of my brother who lost his battle with cancer a year and a half ago.

Bad Ass Seniors! (15)  16. My first tattoo paying tribute to the building blocks of existence. Done by Dave at Inksomnia in Alpharetta, GA.

Bad Ass Seniors! (16)  17. My first tattoo. Done by Andrew Sicad at Voodoo Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV.

Bad Ass Seniors! (17)  18. NES. Scott Falbo, Apocalypse Tattoo, Seattle, WA

Bad Ass Seniors! (18)  19. Japanese/Samurai sleeve with amazing color

Bad Ass Seniors! (19)20.  Interested in getting a similar tattoo. What is this style usually called?

Bad Ass Seniors! (20)



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