25 Amazing Wedding Traditions from Around the World

All cultures, different countries and nations, each nation has its own traditions and customs.But one thing is common – a wedding! No matter how “uncivilized” and may be isolated or that community, sooner or later you will see in it something more or less like a wedding. However, from country to country wedding traditions are very different, and sometimes there are also some that may surprise or even shock. We bring you a list of the most bizarre heed wedding traditions from around the world.


Scots in some parts of the country has long been organized like a very unpleasant ritual.Friends or relatives betrothed bride-stealing and pour its liquid, which may include molasses, flour, mud and even animal excrement. After the bride blackened, its lead over the parade through the city, or tied to a tree. Scots believe that this humiliation is preparing the bride to the harsh realities of family life.


wedding  2

Although the wedding in many cultures around the world is often accompanied by tears, the bride and the other women Tujia people in China have raised this “tradition” to a new level.Starting a month before the wedding, the bride is crying for one hour a day. After 10 days, her mother joined, and after 10 days – my grandmother. By the end of the month, every woman is crying family along with the bride. How Come? Well, it’s kind of like an expression of joy, because women are crying in different keys, so they cry resembles something like a song … very salty and wet song.



Live in Inner Mongolia Daur. To assign a particular date for the wedding, the bride and groom of this nation need to kill a chicken, holding the knife together. Then it is necessary to carefully examine the gut and liver. If the liver is good, the young are allowed to choose their wedding day. If not, they will repeat the process until you find a good liver.



In some parts of India, there is an obstacle to marriage – “BBQ doshas” (astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are connected in the 7th house). People born in the days of “BBQ doshas”, called “Manglik”, they are cursed and can draw upon her husband premature death. To get rid of the curse, they must first be symbolically marry a tree. After that, the tree is cut down, and the curse is considered destroyed. Poor tree!


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Newlyweds in the Indonesian community tidong living in the northern part of Borneo, three days and three nights after the wedding, sit cooped up at home and did not even have the right to go to the toilet. Great time for the wedding night, right? During these three days for the young couple look after a few people who give the newlyweds a minimal amount of food and water. It is believed that such a “honeymoon”, held under house arrest, contributes to a happy marriage and conception of healthy children.


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Earlier in France, where the wedding ceremony drew to a close, guests gather leftover food from the holiday table, and stirred them into a chamber-pot. Then they burst into the room Suite to get the young to eat the contents of the pot. This was done to ensure that the bride and groom gained strength before the wedding night. Today, fortunately, scraps from the table is replaced by chocolate and champagne.


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In Nuer tribe in South Sudan marriage is not considered valid until the woman gives birth to her husband two children. If it is not possible, a man has the right to demand a divorce.



At the wedding of representatives of the Masai tribe in Kenya can often be seen as the father of the bride before she leaves the village with her new husband, daughter blessed by spitting on her head and chest.



In Sweden, every time the bride or groom leave the festive table to go to the bathroom, his partner / partner … rastselovyvayut. If the groom goes, every man in the room may kiss the bride, and vice versa.



In the Spartan culture bride had shaved bald and dressed as a man, and the groom, on the contrary, to wear women’s clothes. As you can see, some modern brides and grooms also sometimes follow an ancient Spartan tradition.



According to the Korean wedding tradition, before the wedding night the groom hit the soles of his feet with a stick or fish – the only way he will come into law a married man. In addition, thus verified the strength and stability of the nature of her future husband. Ritual can be somewhat painful, but mostly held for fun, not for cruelty.



In Ireland, where the couple dance, the bride’s feet do not have to lift off the ground. The Irish believe that if young tear the legs off the floor, it will take away the evil fairy. Where is the logic? Evil fairies love all beautiful. Beautiful bride. But fairies can carry the bride, only if it does not touch the floor.


Традиционная чеченская свадьба в Грозном

In Chechnya, believed that his wife should be modest and seasoned. Traditionally, during the wedding, the bride stands in the corner, away from the eyes of visitors. Traditions make her spend all day on your feet, you can not talk to her husband’s relatives until they turn to it themselves. Restraint bride even checked. Each of the family members one by one asks a girl to bring a glass of water, and when she does it, then try to talk her. There are several proven ways: you can make fun of the bride looks, praise, but you can discuss the groom. If a girl does not stand up and respond to the taunts, it will testify about her incontinence and stupidity. All she is allowed to say, “Drink to your health!”



In the culture of the Uighurs (ethnic minorities in China), the groom three shoots his bride from the bow … Okay, okay, no tips on booms, but it’s like to shoot rubber bullets. After the ceremony, the groom breaks the arrows and collect them, so promising that love will be eternal. A tale about the princess-frog!



Maruesas on the islands of French Polynesia after the ceremony the bride’s relatives lie next to each other in the mud, face down, and the couple must walk on it, as on the mat.



In some parts of India, the groom before the wedding to approach the altar, must take off your shoes. As soon as he razuetsya, all relatives of the bride trying to steal it, and relatives of the groom – to protect. If the relatives of the bride will be able to steal the shoes, they will not give it until they get the ransom.



In some countries, the guests give the bride and groom new dishes. In Germany, the guests do the same thing … and then break them. It is believed that the roar and the sound will scare away evil spirits from the new family.


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While no country in the world does not recognize marriage between man and animal, such unions practiced in many countries, such as India, to scare away evil spirits. In particular, it is believed that the ghosts possess girls who are born with a milk tooth erupted through the gum, or those born with deformities and defects on the face. Marriage is usually a goat or dog.Of course, the girl did not expect sexual relations with an animal, and in the future she can marry a man, but if the ghosts are gone from his victim.


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In some villages of Africa must be accompanied by an older woman in the bedroom of the newlyweds on their wedding night to “enter into the swing of things.” Although this is usually a village elder, sometimes it can be the mother of the bride. And you thought your mother-in-law too intrusive …


wed 20

In the Congo, marriage – it is so serious that the bride and groom smiling the whole ceremony is prohibited.


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Practiced in many countries in Africa and Asia. If the groom will be able to persuasion or deception to kidnap the girl and leave her in his home for 2-3 days, it will officially announce his wife. But in many countries, this may lead to the fact that a woman raped and / or forced to marry by force.


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In France, friends and relatives gathered at the home of the newlyweds on their wedding night and begin to beat pots and pans, scream and shout. Not only that, it spoils all the romance, the couple still have to go out to them and treat snacks and drinks!


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In Germany there is a wedding tradition is the fact that the bride and groom at a wedding should sawing a piece of wood, using joint efforts. This tradition symbolizes that relationship – it is work, and you need to make an effort to keep them in the future as they have.


wed 24

In the Baltics, all waiting while dancing bride cry out in pain. After all, this is evidence that the bride complied a long tradition. She just comes that there are forces her husband to foot, to make sure that it is not in front of the devil with hooves.


wed 25

In Mauritania, there is a wedding tradition that the bride before the wedding sent for fattening, so she gained weight. It is believed that curvaceous bride indicate prosperity and well-being of her parents.

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