25 Best Videos of the Day – February 07, 2015

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RadioShack declared bankruptcy yesterday. Their old commercial now has a new meaning

My truck has no reverse. This is what I built so that I can back up if I have to.

Arthur C. Clarke accurately describes the 21st century…in 1976- when hardly anyone even had a calculator.

Multi millionaire Kevin O’Leary, worth $300 million says 3.5 billion people living in poverty is ‘fantastic news’

Silicon Valley Season 2: Promo

That white guy in his first rap video

My 8yo son hit a 3/4 court buzzer beater shot in the 4th quarter last night!

A Response to Lars Andersen: a New Level of Archery (X-post from /r/skeptic)

Bitcoin mine in Northeast China – Turnover of $1.5million worth of Bitcoins per month

Disney writes the best songs. Especially since they wrote a whole song about lust that you didn’t realize until much later.

R•E•I•C•H (parody of F•R•I•E•N•D•S)

Penn and Teller call Bullshit on P.E.T.A.

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