30 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – May 15th to May 22nd, 2012

30 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – May 15th to May 22nd, 2012

1. For my cake day, a photo of the most expensive sailing yacht in the world, the Maltese Falcon


2. Blue Marlin transporting sea-based X-band radar

3. EDWARD – Electric Diwheel

4. So I just started my first day as a Quality Engineer intern for this new Pentastar

5. Concorde.

6. Czech 475.101 Skoda locomotive and a Renault FT-17 tank 

7. Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion

8. Zvezda M503 42 cylinder diesel radial engine

9. 1944 German ‘Kriegslokomotive’ with a goods train, in Polish livery

10. A look into a cab of a miniature 

11. Kemna Breslau steam ploughing engine, built in 1927

12. 1000 HP Cadillac XV16 32-valve 13.6L V16 Concept Engine 

13. J-2X test conducted May 16 at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center

14. Cooling towers from an electric arc furnace before the fumes hit the scrubber 

15. Pratt & Whitney PW2000 turbofan internals, from an RAAF C-17 Globemaster III at the ADF Air Show 2012

16. NASA is conducting a series of rocket sled tests at the U.S. Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, Calif., in preparation for full-up tests of the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator Project, or LDSD 

17. Dust Collection and Fan

18. Huge Swing-out Fan – Lexington SC

19. 1949 Ford Tractor

20. Axial Fan

21. Blue Angels, Ready for Takeoff

22. Alternators made in Hungary, pictured in 1910 Turkmenistan 

23. Centrifugal Fan Wheel

24. Golfetto rollstands in a durum mill, freshly shined.

25. Huge Wheel Leaving the Fabricators, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

26. Lineshaft drive motors for roller mills. For size reference, the cage around the motors is 8 ft tall.

27. Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City C130J in flight over North Carolina 

28. USS Thach, FFG-43(Frigate, Guided missile)

29. Blue Tractor

30. Shaft Guard on Centrifugal Fan

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