30 Best Tattoos of the Week – April 02nd to April 09th, 2012

1. One of the most amazing tattoos…


2. An annual tattoo convention

3. Back tree

4. Mandala and Ouroboros for my first ink

5. Spaceman Spiff 

6. Ink work

7. THIS is a cover up

8. Shoulders

9. First session of many for my chest piece

10. Spongebob tattoo

11. Tattoo Clock

12. Portrait of Grandfather

13. 3 holes in a back 

14. “One foot in the water”

15. tattoo by Xam 

16. Cover up 

17. Just another session of color on my back 

18. Art 

19. Lady

20. Gentleman Fox

21. New one from Charles Chatov

22. Batman leg tattoo 

23. Art Nouveau Woman

24. Shark 

25. Cartoon tattooes

26. Snack

27. Favorite Droids! 

28. Wolf and Roses, Justin Kopec, Fat Rams Pumpkin Tattoo 

29. Rib’s Wolf

30. Hanya – Cesar Falcon 

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