30 Best Tattoos of the Week – July 16th to July 23th, 2012

1. Mr.Potato Head over birthmark. By: Greg Pugh (White Lotus,CA)

2. Redoing a substandard tattoo, one of my favourite challenges as a tattooist.

3. My friend is a tattoo artist and got bored at work.

4. Boba Fett and Han Solo in carbonated done by me @Outsiders Ink in Tulsa

5. Thought it would be awesome for a first tattoo.

6. First tattoo finished! (Beginning of a sleeve, will expand eventually)

7. Shark tattoo done by myself

8. Amazing Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo (not mine) By Randi Polillo at Dynasty Tattoo

9. Traditional Star Wars – Jason Drager at Cicada Tattoo in Seattle, WA

10. A girl with an amazing tattoo and awesome hair

11. Laocoon sleeve – first sitting – by Jen Lee of Tattoo City in San Francisco

12. An image I found while working through an archival collection: A Burmese villager and his tattoos from 1895

13. 8 Bit Mew by Joe @ Colt’s Timeless Tattoo in Appleton Wi

14. so i tattoo’d this little critter on myself today

15. Start of my Ghibli sleeve

16. So I went in the to get my first tat and had a grand maul seizure, this was all i could get

17. when does it bacon?


18. Geometric tattoo by Julian at Five Cent in Ottawa

19. Spur of the moment leg piece – Day of the Dead – Justin Acca, Melb

20. Better pic of my forearm tattoo by al at tahiti tattoo in san diego

21. Tattoo design I’m drawing for my brother (for his wedding gift) – feedback would be appreciated and welcome

22. Schrodinger’s Cat. Design courtesy of Jie Qi, tattooed by Jesse Vomhit @ Sideshow Tattoo, ATX

23. Scales – Source Unknown

24. My Owl Eyes done by Rich Bevilacqua from Altered Art (Vineland, NJ)

25. Elephant cover-up by Joe Matisa- Kiss of Ink, Trenton NJ

26. My second tattoo – My tattoo artists representation of the Tree of Life – Tattooed by Karl Briggs at Stay True Tattoo Studio

27. My 6th tattoo by Dan Sinnes from Luxembourg.

28. Any love for Dr Seuss? By Lauren B at Tower Classic Tattooing in St. Louis, Mo

29. My friend’s newest tattoo: Statler & Waldorf

30. Best bodysuit contest at the Cincinnati, OH convention.