42 Most Epic Dance Festivals Around the World

Winter is coming and with that the festive season as well, thanksgiving, X-Mas and New Year is what all are looking for. Today we share some of the most popular and happening dance festivals around the world. So plan a trip and enjoy the Party .. !!


1. Boom (Portugal).

Scale (and surprisingly environmentally friendly) psy-trance festival in the village of Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. It lasts about a week, and begins in late July. Then you and the multitude of scenes and art installations, and workshops, and lectures, and even film screenings.


2. Welcome to the future (the Netherlands).

This festival is also respectful of the nature – so much so that even generators are partially run on vegetable oil. This is one of the oldest festivals in Amsterdam, which every year attracts tens of thousands of party-goers from all over the world. Here you can hear the music of many genres – from techno to house and everything else.


3. ZoukOut (Singapore).

While we – “on the other side of the Equator” – will think how to survive the cold, Singapore will host a huge beach party. 41,000 people attended the event last year, ZoukOut. This annual party boasts an excellent line-apom musical talents, which might have heard even your grandmother.


4. Misterilend (Netherlands / Croatia).

When it comes to electronic music capital of the world it can rightly be considered the Netherlands. Misterilend, among other things, the oldest festival of the Netherlands. Held in August, and it gathers up to 60 000 people.


5. The Festival in the Desert Monegros (Spain).

Hearing the phrase “Festival in the Desert,” many immediately think of the famous Burning Man. However, what began as a barbecue with music in the middle of the desert Monegros in Spain, has developed into a real festival, which each year is going up to 40 000 people.


6. Shambhala (Canada).

Legendary Festival, one of the oldest and most popular in Canada. He does not even have the official advertising and arranges his one local family with 90s.


7. Street Parade (Switzerland).

What happens if you take 20% of the world famous DJs, the second Saturday of August and about a million people? Street turn (techno) parade in Switzerland – an event truly unrealistic proportions.


8. Snoubombing (Austria).

As long as you wrap up in a blanket and drinking hot tea, Austria will host a 5-day festival “show on the snow,” where rhythmic beats blend perfectly with winter sports.


9. Defqon 1 (Netherlands / Australia).

Defqon 1 – a true paradise for dance of all who in the subject. It has its own theme each year, hundreds of leading musicians playing in the genre Hard trance and hardcore, and every year for the creation of a special hymn festival invites headliner.


10. Full Moon Party (Thailand).

That night event on the Thai island of Koh Phangan – a real test of endurance, as Music does not cease immediately before sunrise (though by then most of your friends probably already passed out). This wild party is held each spring.


11. Festival of BPM (Mexico).

This 10-day festival in the Mexican city of Playa del Carmen offers an extensive program, which lasts all day (or night), and appears here DJs will amaze even experienced clubbers.


12. South West Four (UK).

One of the major festivals in the UK last year celebrated its 10th anniversary, and did it with the help of an incredible line-up of DJs and musicians.


13. Audioriver (Poland).

Every year in August, on the banks of the Vistula River in the Polish city of Plock is a 3-day festival “Audioreka” unifying true fans of club music. Happy presentations of everything that has to do with musical activities, and at night the fun begins – dancing!


14. The festival Sunburn (Goa, India).

This festival is slowly but surely gets to the remarkable list of “festivals that need to get before you die.” In December 2014 he returned to Goa (after previously conducted in other regions of India). This music festival each year attracts more than 100 000 people, so rightfully earned the title of “the biggest festivals in Asia.”


15. The Festival of Life (Ireland).

This three-day festival in front of house in Belvedere Mullingar (Ireland) for 10 years as one of the best in Europe.


16. Kazantip (Crimea, Georgia).

Just imagine if life was a holiday, if you are on a 2-3 week and 100,000 other such people have inhabited the remote island, where he lives art, 14 scenes, and 300 DJs rock music 21 hours a day … Stop think it already is – at Kazantip!


17. Bal en Blanc (Canada).

One of the best “white party” in the world. Great place to dance under the house and trance.Held at Easter.


18. Balaton Sound (Hungary).

This ambitious festival outdoors in Zamardi so popular that despite rising prices for tickets, they diverge even before coming into the formal sale. But it is necessary to look at the list of guest artists, to understand why this festival is so quickly becoming one of the most popular in Europe.


19. Stereosonic (Australia).

The fastest growing festival in Australia. This two-day event, which is held in November / December in each of the 5 major cities across the country: Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne.


20. Djakarta Warehouse Project (Indonesia).

Maybe this festival and appeared recently as two years ago, but it has already become one of the largest and most successful in the Indonesian music and dance festivals.


21. Transahara (Morocco).

Transahara – a 4-day adventure in the wild dunes of the Sahara desert, which is held at a secret location outside of Morocco. In order not to harm the natural environment of the desert, the organizers had to cut back on the number of visitors to 2,500.


22. Call of Transylvania (Romania).

This week-long event, held in September, is both a musical and psychedelic – a nice mix of music, art, and alternative lifestyles.


23. Future Music Festival (Australia / Malaysia).

Well, where else can you see Drake on stage with The Prodigy? Or 2Chainz and Avicii? Of course, at this festival.


24. Electronic Family Festival (Amsterdam).

To find your true “trance family,” the large-scale festival in Amsterdam is ready to offer you some of the best European and international masters of house, trance and other genres.


25. Qlimax.

Probably one of the best annual events in the world. Qlimax is famous for its incomparable with anything comparable to the performance and the perfect atmosphere of the legendary festival.


26. Festival in Berlin (Germany).

This is a true musical-dance marathon, held in September.


27. Tomorrowland (Belgium).

Festival for those who attend all the festivals. Here are able to spend money, incredible stage design, fine quality music and an impressive list of artists – this can not be compared, perhaps, no festival in Europe.


28. Hard Bass (The Netherlands).

As the name suggests (“heavy bass”), exactly the kind of music you can expect at this Dutch festival. He goes every year in January.


29. Sonne Mond Sterne (Germany).

This three-day festival in August attracts the world’s best house music. The event is held since 1997.


30. Labyrinth (Japan).

Located in the rich vegetation mountains of Niigata, this popular Japanese festival in one scene follows the approach of “quality over quantity”. Their lineup consists of real cream techno-society.


31. Sónar (Spain).

Occurs in two stages (day and night), and generally lasts three days and takes place in Barcelona. It all began in the distant 90s. The festival has long been a platform for awesome music, and technology professionals.


32. Festival Melt! (Germany).

Each year the festival Melt! German converts “steel city” of desolate industrial area in the hottest place in the country (and this is in July and then!). Here there is a merge of electronic and rock music, and the lineup consists of 80 artists on 6 stages.


33. Global Gathering (UK).

A truly international event, which for 14 years of its existence, was held in England, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and South Korea.


34. Nature One (Germany).

It’s not even 18 scenes, 300 DJs and 64 000 people, though it is also impressive figures.Nature One festival is famous for its spectacular fireworks, which he completed on Saturday night.


35. Creamfields (worldwide).

This is not just a festival, it is a real global event. He was born in the UK at the turn of the century, and since then took place in Poland, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Czech Republic, Mexico, Russia, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Uruguay, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates.


36. Festival The Garden (Croatia).

Over the past few years Croatia has become a sort of secret places for fans of club music.Unfortunately, in 2015, the Garden Festival has completed its 10-year existence, and although it probably will replace something more grandiose, it is worth a visit for the last time.


37. Sensation (Netherlands / worldwide).

Festival Sensation (and Black, and White) has long gone beyond Amsterdam and has spread to more than 20 countries (in 2013 it was held in 22 cities). And it looks like he’s not going to stop there. The festival is gaining momentum and is moving forward, surprising the party-goers all over grand surprise.


38. 10 Days Off (Belgium).

This festival lasts for 10 days! Taking place in the Belgian town of Ghent. In Amsterdam there is a short 5-day version of this festival.


39. Dance Valley (Netherlands).

Considering how many festivals held constant throughout the world, to be a really great event to get the title “Dance Woodstock”, namely, that title is Dance Valley Festival 1995. Although it is extremely dance-music festival, it boasts a huge variety of genres.


40. Festival Outlook (Croatia).

In September 2015, make sure that you are free in the first week to visit Croatia for the Festival Outlook. The festival took place on boats along the coast, and in underground tunnels, and even in ancient ruins.


41. Astropolis (France).

Great festival, which has its roots in the underground rave movement. In the upcoming 2015, the year it will be held for the 20th time.


42. Hideout (Croatia).

If almost a year before the event 48 hours expenses 10 000 tickets, it already says a lot.Maybe it was a wonderful 24 parties that spend on boats. Perhaps in 19 hours of continuous music for 4 days. Maybe the ability to come closer to their favorite DJs. In any case, have to plan in advance if you intend to visit the festival Hideout in Croatia since there are many willing and tickets for all is not enough.

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