5 Amazing Technologies that will change the War beyond recognition

Modern war – a conflict not as many soldiers as technology. After all, the rapid development of the latter may very soon change beyond recognition military affairs. Today we tell about 5 amazing technologies that will be used in the army of the future .

EXACTO – homing bullets for sniper rifles from concern DARPA

Sniper is perhaps the most narrow specialists in the modern army. It earlier he had only just able to aim well, now to prepare this kind of soldier leaves most of the time and resources, and their professional weapons worth a lot of money. However, the scope of their tasks and significantly expanded and become more complex.


But in the near future snipers will work much easier. After all, the American Technology Corporation DARPA is working on a self-guided bullets EXACTO for sniper rifles.


Bullets EXACTO have an optical sensor that can collect information about the flight and transfer its internal electronic systems ammunition. And they may decide to change direction to hit the target.


Experts from DARPA has conducted successful experiments homing sniper bullets EXACTO. They showed that the technology works effectively at shots at a distance of two kilometers. So the bullets are not afraid of wind and rain, which usually greatly affect the accuracy of a sniper.

Laser cannons against drones

On the creation of laser blasters melee, familiar to us because of the fantastic films of the twentieth century, yet it is not. However, China is already preparing to adopt a laser gun. However, they do not need to deal with manpower of the enemy, and to destroy drones.


Chinese laser gun can a maximum of five seconds after detecting drone calculate its location in three-dimensional space and destroy aircraft accurate shot of the laser beam. However, the technology works successfully only if the UAV is at a maximum distance of 2 km from the gun and moving at the same time at a rate not exceeding the rate of 180 kilometers per hour.


It should be noted that the successful test of the technology is not yet mean that it will soon appear on the arms of the Chinese People’s Republic. It is expected that mass production and introduction of laser guns in China will not earlier than ten years.

TALOS – real exoskeleton for the US Army

Iron Man from the movie is loosely based on the comic book series, alone can decide the fate of battles and wars. Of course, such a universal soldier at the present level of technology can not be created, but in the United States Army in the next decade there will be effective exoskeletons that could significantly affect the course of hostilities.


The most promising project of this kind is called ezoskelet TALOS. In creating this military suit involving 56 corporations, 16 government agencies, 13 universities and 10 national laboratories from around the world.


Of course, the exoskeleton TALOS not make soldiers invulnerable and invincible, but it will significantly increase its protection and opportunities. After all, this suit is equipped with armor, as well as the health care system of a fighter. For example, upon receipt of a soldier wounds, the exoskeleton can using inflatable cuffs automatically stop the bleeding, as well as their own cause nurses to the place of the incident.


TALOS also significantly increases the physical capabilities of the soldier. Exoskeleton allows a person to completely free to carry loads of up to forty-five pounds, and also increase the running speed and jumping height.

Kuratas Battle Mech – combat robot transformer from Japan

Japanese development Kuratas Battle Mech – a real combat robot, as we present it, impressed by the display of fantastic films and television series “Transformers.”


Kuratas Battle Mech has four and a half meters in height and ten tons of weight. You can control it remotely, or being in the control room at the inside of the robot.


Kuratas Battle Mech created for military purposes, but because it is equipped with two machine guns, shots of which can be very damaging to infrastructure and deadly to the enemy’s manpower.


Robot Kuratas Battle Mech – a true convertible. It can operate in two modes – a humanoid and a car. In the first form Kuratas Battle Mech moves at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour, the second – four times faster.

Ripsaw-MS2 – unmanned tank for the US Army

No matter how powerful and accurate any modern long-range weapons, in the wars of the future will still be impossible to do without armor. Another thing is that from the live tank they can not refuse. After all, we live in an era of unmanned, smart devices. So why not make those tanks?


As one of the most striking examples of modern unmanned armored vehicles can result in an American tank Ripsaw-MS2 from the company Howe & Howe Technologies. This combat tracked vehicle can move automatically with stunning speed of 128 kilometers per hour, and from zero to hundreds of dispersed in just four seconds.


Unmanned tank Ripsaw-MS2 can do a lot of combat functions: protection of convoys, identification and destruction of enemy forces, towing broken equipment, perimeter protection, protection, rescue, border patrols, crowd control and explosive ordnance disposal. And all this – in automatic or semi-automatic mode.


Unmanned tank Ripsaw-MS2 can be equipped with several different types of weapons, as well as tons of other payloads. Armored car is able to move at high speed even on very steep slopes and rough terrain in all weather conditions.

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