5 Devices Destroying The Language Barrier

It used to be the language barrier was a significant problem in communication between people who speak different languages. But now there are more devices that allow even Papuan and Japanese talk to each other without an interpreter. We collected the most interesting 5 technologies that destroy the language barrier .

Skype Translator – Program for online text translation

Corporation Microsoft, which owns Skype, I like no one else is interested in the destruction of the language barrier between people from different countries. And it seems that its experts have found a universal way to combat ignorance of users each other’s languages.Name it – Skype Translator.


Skype Translator – a technology that in synchronous mode converts text to communicate through Skype people. It happens much faster than using a live interpreter professional. At this point, the program Skype Translator works in test mode. In the embodiment, the voice she translates from English to Spanish and vice versa, and in the text it is available forty most common languages ​​in the world.


Skype Translator works on the principle of self-training. Technology analyzes speech and texts in different languages, and organizes data based on them constantly brings in itself changes. The program can even get rid of the word-parasites and correct illiteracy participants in the dialogue. And this is only a test version!

SpeechTrans – smart bracelet with an interpreter

The device is called SpeechTrans would not differ from many other modern “smart” bracelets, if not a special function, which is implemented in it. We are talking about the program SpeechTrans Ultimate Assistant, which allows on-line translate texts and words spoken voice.



SpeechTrans bracelet has a base of forty-four languages, with whom he is working. The user can enter the text you want to translate it manually, or dictate his voice to pronounce the man from another country with which it has happened on the ground of lack of understanding of the language barrier. SpeechTrans device is ideal for people who travel a lot around the world, including in the country where they speak in tongues. In addition, the bracelet SpeechTrans can display information about incoming phone calls, text messages and emails, as well as enables you to control some functions of the smartphone.

Bow-Lingual Dog Translation – a device for communicating with dogs

Much more difficult situation we have the process of communication with animals than with people of other nationalities and cultures.And if you own dogs and cats often understand our words and emotions, the reasons for their barking and meowing in the vast majority of cases remain unsolved mystery for us. But the device with the name Bow-Lingual Dog Translation will allow us to finally fully communicate with our pets. So far, only with dogs. We are talking about the electronic translator from dog to human. The device is able to interpret the barking and other sounds that publishes dog.


So with the Bow-Lingual Dog Translation dog owners will be able to know when their pet is hungry, begging on the street, anxious or just barks of pleasure to be with a man.

Dixau DX-5 – online translator printed text

On the Internet you can find a huge number of online services that can fairly accurately translate words and phrases from one language to another. But in this case it is a question of electronic text, and when it comes to printed sources, these services have become powerless.


But a few years ago there was a device called Dixau DX-5 , which allows you to translate any typed text on the pages of books, newspapers or magazines. To do this, there is a special devayse scanner that reads the words and sentences, the processor recognizes this information, interprets it, transfer and provides on-screen Dixau DX-5. The device can also play music, reading notes.


Dixau DX-5 also has a memory module, which allows you to save the translated text in digital form and transfer it to your computer or mobile phone.

LaLaLa – headphones for simultaneous translation of the text

Externally, the device with the name LaLaLa more like a hearing aid, than a device that allows you to break down the language barrier between people who do not understand each other.


LaLaLa – must be inserted into the ear, catching him by the ear, which makes him well with the bluetooth-headsets for mobile phones.In principle, such a device is. It can also connect with your smartphone via wireless communication interfaces, but the main goal of this integration – access to the online database languages. LaLaLa device using the built-in microphone picks up speech of people and sends it in digital form on a smartphone. There’s the text automatically decrypted and translated. As a result, people in just a couple of seconds longer gets translated phrases in earphone LaLaLa.


LaLaLa allows you to completely break the language barrier between people of different nations, of course, if they both use similar devices.

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