50 Years of James Bond, the auction at Christie’s in London

1. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond on film, Christie’s is holding an auction of Bond memorabilia. Forty lots are to be offered at an online-only auction.

2. …as worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in the film Casino Royale

3. A man photographs a post-production one-third scale replica miniature model of the Aston Martin DB5 used in the film Skyfall.

4. The 2008 Aston Martin DBS, used by Daniel Craig as James Bond in the Quantum of Solace is expected to fetch £100,000-150,000…

5. …A car chase scene in Quantum of Solace featuring the 2008 Aston Martin 6 Litre V12 DBS 2-Door Coupe used by Daniel Craig

6. A pre-production replica BMW Z8 Roadster made for the film The World is not Enough, which is estimated to sell for £23,000-33,000

7. The original Solex Agitator used by Christopher Lee in the film The Man With The Golden Gun is estimated to sell for £1,200-1,800

8. The tarot cards used by Jane Seymour in the film Live and Let Die are estimated to sell for £740-1,100

9. A poker table from The One and Only Ocean Club which featured in Casino Royale

10. A complete set of four original Thunderball cinema posters