86 year old living in a cruise for life after retirement

Life on the ship may seem a nightmare, but not for the 86-year-old American pensioner Lee Vahtsetter. She spent all her savings and sold all their possessions to even in his old age to live a happy life and fulfill all your dreams!

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1. For the past seven years this woman lives on a cruise ship Crystal Serenity. For Vahtsetter this difficult decision. She sold her house in Florida to spend the rest of life in one continuous journey.


2. In an interview with USA Today she said that she always loved cruises. On the first one she got in 1962. Now it continues its 283rd journey.


She is a frequent guest dinners and cocktail parties. On the ship, she goes to the cinema, lectures and participates in all offered free entertainment.

“Crew members sag, so I was always happy. Some of them have become like family to me. If they do not have what I want, what they are looking for it. Even if it means they will have to spend all the time on the ground during a stop. No one has so carefully not apply to me “- says Lee.


Blogger Penny Hawe, which met this woman during the Italian cruise in 2011, says she first person in the world who showed her what it means – to enjoy life.


“My husband and I love to travel. Before he died in 1997, he told me, “Lee continued to travel.Never stop. ” So I continue. “

Now Vahtsetter says that dancing, which she has been the last 15 years of his life, became her main hobby.


6. “Before you start to live on this ship, I traveled the world on the liner Holland America. This went on for three years. And then they canceled the dance classes. And I decided to leave. I dance every night for several hours over many years. And I always do it with the instructor. “

Here is a Christmas movie with this lady, filmed on a ship that has become her home.

In addition, the grandmother says that she has been living for more than a hundred countries – both European and Asian. Her favorite city for walking – Istanbul.


The only difficulty in his present life, this old lady calls the fact that her children and grandchildren continue to live in Miami. She really misses him. Although all three sons and seven grandchildren she regularly communicates with Skype and email.

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8. Continue in the same spirit, Mama Lee!

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