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90+ Most Unusual Business Card Designs Of All Time

Business Card designs has changed from past few year, now they are more engaging, visually striking and sometimes unusual enough to catch attention.

Business Cards design that we are presenting here are not the simple conventional ones. You will notice some great effects, typographic elements, metallic designs and irregular shapes etc.

The out of the box thinking is always required in designing print materials to grab the eye-balls and these cards below will showcase the same.

Sources: Flickr, AllGraphicDesign, BoingBoing, CreativeBits,

21 thoughts on “90+ Most Unusual Business Card Designs Of All Time”

  1. There are some very creative business cards in this collection. The ninja stars are an interesting idea, but the blood on it might be a little much for some customers.
    .-= J32´s last blog ..Modern Corporate Business Card =-.

  2. That’s 40 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. I suppose his crazy works in certain markets. Everything he has is already in the list above, and some in the list are far, far more creative. His is the type of card that get’s thrown in the trash (or you let your 2 year old play with it), and his phone number written on a blank piece of paper for the file. And that would be my response even if he wasn’t acting like a tool. ;-)

  3. I’ve seen a very odd one recently – it’s a card with absolutely no contact details on it, just a serial number on the back and “please ignore this card” on the front. It’s kind of elegant I suppose, but pretty understated.

    I found mine in a seat-back pocket on the Edinburgh to Iceland leg of a transatlantic flight – when I got back to the UK I did a bit of research – turns out they’ve been turning up in odd locations all over Europe (nuclear submarines, the outside of tall buildings, one guy in Edinburgh even found one baked into a loaf of bread!)

    I’d be fascinated to know if anyone else has encountered one of these enigmatic cards – I have no idea what they’re meant to be for, but I like a bit of pointless fun as much as the next bored commuter.

    There’s a site about it here: https://sites.google.com/site/pleaseignorethiscard/

  4. They are really unusual business cards indeed. But that is what business need right? Something that really attracts the attention of the potential customer. For example, the X-Ray card is really good very themed as well as the rest of them. In fact, they gave many ideas to develop some creative business cards.


  5. Pretty amazing collection. There is a lot of creativity for each design there, very themed I love those which has been shaped to give some personality. For example, the plain business card, the one that is an attachment of a shoe. I do not know whether those that looks like metal are made of real metal, that is expensive for just a business card. Thank you for sharing, you gave me some good ideas to get started with my business cards. Unusual but amazing.

  6. I guess the question of whether a metal business card is expensive depends on the product you are trying to sell or the contract you are trying to secure. I wouldn’t want to leave a pile of them on a counter at a trade show. But if I was selling Aston Martins a few dollars for a card is not going to matter much. It looks like the metal business cards came from http://www.plasmadesign.co.uk. But they do some pretty cool plastic cards too that are a bit cheaper.

  7. The creative juices are always flowwing, just when you think things are drying up. I love it all.  Thank you all… for sharing. Billy Bear

  8. These plastic cards to use different idea   and present large variety of plastic materials  in diffent shape….

  9. mettalic visiting cards, really love that odd shaped business cards thats something new to me. By the way its really awesome, i would love to have them, any idea about where to get it.

  10. I want a small horse head business card saying Touch of Bling for selling both model horse show halters as well as Jewelry. I see nothing as unique as that. I cut out a templet right now and the halter fits on the card just like it goes on the model horse. That’s what I want and it would be more unique than any of the boring business cards I’m seeing here.

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