Amazing panel of 20,000 tea bags

It would seem that it may be easier and more banal than a tea bag. Did drink, and threw the tea leaves. However, creative Asian artist anything can become material for creativity. She recently presented a stunning mural made of 20,000 tea bags.



And the artist Hung ( Hong Yi, Malaysia ), also known under the name Red , never ceases to amaze his fans originality in her work used materials. This time she chose tea bags. Hung and use them instead of paint to create a mural called “Teh Tarik Man” .


Malaysian artist in his work often uses motifs that reflect the culture of the country. The painting depicts a man who makes tea “as Tariq” . In Malaysia, a special ceremony in which the drink is poured from one dish to another, accompanied by almost acrobatic.



To create a picture height of 3.2 meters and weighing nearly 200 pounds from the artist took more than 2 months. 20,000 tea bags sewn together and fastened with wire mesh. Panels used on 10 different shades. To achieve a variety of colors girl bags soaked in water with different temperatures.


To create a different, but no less creative work Hong Yi also used the drink. She drew a picture of the next cup of coffee.

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