As American families thrown out onto the street because of a debt of $ 100

Deputy County Sheriff Arafa, Jim Osborne, arrived to evict John and Julie Holtshauer from their home on September 15 in Tsentenniale, Colorado. The Court decided to evict a family of five due to problems with the payment of rent. A home owner has filed a lawsuit on their tenants.American Families thrown out (1)

1.Dzhon Holtshauer, the contractor on a construction site, said he lost 40% of its business due to the weakened economy and a protracted housing crisis. He says that he regularly paid the owner of the house, but it still has debt of $ 100. As a result, the team of loaders evicted from their homes in the middle of the day.

American Families thrown out (2)

2 Porters endure things Holtshauer family home.

American Families thrown out (3)

3. All the things the family were on the streets, after which the workers have changed the locks.

American Families thrown out (4)

4. Left: Julie with children who have come home after school to see that all of their belongings were on the street. Right: Julia soothes his 9-year-old daughter Olivia.

American Families thrown out (5)

5. John was talking with a neighbor.

American Families thrown out (6)

6. Julie of their belongings after eviction.

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