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Wonderful Glowing In Night Trams Budapest (1)

Wonderful Glowing In Night Trams Budapest

Photographers had enough fun with long exposure in Budapest. And the object of their shooting  is amazing city trams decorated 30 thousand LED light bulbs. This garb urban transport on the night streets looked like a time machine. Trams have become one of the latest additions to the decoration fashionable streets in Budapest although there is always something to see. check out the twinkling…. Continue reading

Scary Railways of South America (11)

Scary Railways of South America – Jean-Marc Fluburg

French photographer Jean-Marc Fluburg went to great lengths to make these incredible pictures of one of the most scenic rail routes in South America, passing through Peru and Chile. At 56-year-old Jean-Marc Paris, whose daily work is rather linked with the pharmaceutical industry, he said – there is my old hobby, he likes to travel and take pictures, and especially everything connected with the railways and rail. Continue reading