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Huge Yachts (1)

Luxurious Huge Yachts From Around The World

The yacht is not only a symbol of freedom, but also a sign of luxury and wealth. Private possession of such a vessel, but still a decent length and equipment instantly elevate him to the rank of master elite. Not surprisingly, the principal owners of the largest and most famous yacht is Sheikh, oil and media moguls. For fans of voyages published colorful magazines, telling all the news in the field have a look. Continue reading

Jennifer Lawrence Trips And Falls at Oscar 2013 (4)

Jennifer Lawrence Trips And Falls at Oscar 2013

Winning an Oscar for Best Actress is beyond doubt the biggest moment of any star’s career. But Jennifer Lawrence distracted somewhat from the honour by tripping up the stairs as she headed onto the stage to accept her Academy Award. The 22-year-old star, who won for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, was seen momentarily hanging her head in her hands after her voluminous strapless Dior Haute Couture gown caused the mishap on the steps. Continue reading

Strange Dog Kissing Contest - Maine (1)

Strange Dog Kissing Contest – Maine

9th annual Valentine’s Day Canine Kissing Contest with Cocktail Partyws held in Maine at the Planet Dog company store.The contest entailed the canines licking their owners, whereas the winner is the one whose kisses last the longest. I know its little strange to hear..
The prize was a $75 gift certificate to Planet Dog, which went to Beau, a 12 year old yorkie/dachshund mix, for showing his love to his owner, Linda Walton, for 45.8 seconds. These two also won the award last year. Have a look… Continue reading

Prison Hotel (1)

Do You Want to Stay in Luxurious Prison ?

Hett Arrestuis – a prison of the XIX century in the Netherlands, which was turned into a premium hotel. Prison refurbished, adding chic, spacious and modern design, while retaining the rich history of this building. The hotel invites guests to try out the unique deluxe and comfort, as well as take advantage of a relaxing sauna and a fitness center. It seems that “serve time” has never been so much fun!

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