Body Transformation in Cinema’s Around the World

ACTORS are Often Radically Change their appearance for roles like using Makeup and much more Radical Methods: losing weight, or muscle mass variation, like Gaining or loosing Mass. Any of Their Physical Experiments with the form always Impress the Audience, and you CAN Understand why: the glue itself consignment nose or Fake Bald as Easy as then Get RID of Them, CAN not be Said About the Extra Pounds. This year, A feat for the sake of art Jennifer Aniston Went.

Actress, always zealously monitor Their own weight, Especially for the Film ” the Cake “noticeably Recovered, stopped to wash my hair and Makeup starred in Simulating shramirovannoe face. And this Weekend on the internet photos scattered Jake Gyllenhaal, WHO spent more than One hour in the Gym and has Gained 7 pounds currently selected muscles, ready to shoot in the Sports Drama “Lefty.”

Without ceasing to be surprised Dedication ACTORS Remember the Brightest of Transformation in the Movie.



1. Jake Gyllenhaal, Stringer

“Stringer” Will not work in Cinemas in Russia, and it is A pity Because the Outstanding Film is, as A character, Played by Gyllenhaal. For the role of the Self-Taught Criminal journalist named Lou Actor Dropped 11 pounds and returned to his Corona Man ​​Weirdo role. Painful thinness Gyllenhaal in “stringers” visually Echoes the insinuations of His character. Already in the first frame When you Look at the hero Becomes scary, But in the course of the Story Becomes it clear That this is Patrick A Psychopath Bateman abruptly.


2. Matthew Fox, I, Alex Fox

A Couple of years ago, the star of “Lost” Returned to us in A completely unrecognizable form in the form of brutal serial Killer nicknamed Picasso – wiry, Shaven-headed and very dangerous. Away from people’s Associations with the Ever-nagging Jack of «Lost» Fox helped weight loss (minus 18 kilograms) and enhanced Training. With ACTORS Engaged in the Same Instructor That Helped Inflate Jake Gyllenhaal Impressive chest in “Prince of Persia” and Chris Evans WAS Preparing to “The First Avenger”. By the way, my Mother Fox’s Physical Transformation upset Because She Italian and Most of All loves how to feed her son. Looking at the emaciated Actor, we are very aware of it.


3. Jared Leto, Glava27

Hard to Believe, But Jared Leto once did not Compare with Jesus right and left, But His appearance Attracted Attention much. In 2007, Leto gained 30 pounds to play the murderer of John Lennon in “Chapter 27”. Play Mentally unhealthy person WAS not Easy and Physically: inter alia Summer Earned gout, as well as cholesterol levels dangerously High;since the Actor Sworn never gain weight for roles. Questions from Critics, as well as Relatives and FANS Caused Lennon, Though not His Game, But the FACT of A Film making.Attracting Attention to Mark Chapman, ACCORDING to many, only works on Hand Man, WHO seeks the glory of such A Monstrous way.


Charlize Theron 4., Monster

Another story also demanded that the killers gain considerable weight – in this case by Charlize Theron, who played Aileen Wuornos in 2003. For A Film based on the Story of the woman taken the Road of serial Murders, Theron Won an Additional 15 pounds and shaved eyebrows. In appendage, She HAD to Wear false teeth and the Corresponding make-up – after All this looks Real Theron Hardly recognizable, But it’s for the Best. Actress completely distancing itself from Self and Plunges into Madness, took Possession of her character, and changes in appearance helps to make the game more realistic and frightening – it is not surprising that the role of Wuornos, she received the “Oscar”.


5. Chris Pratt. Guardians of the Galaxy

Andy from “Parks and Recreation” it WAS impossible not to love and for His development of the Boarder and bumpkin to independent adult, and His Round HIPS. Pratt admits That His wife loves HIM much more mild, But it did not go to Prevent HIM A diet to chicken for “Guardians of the Galaxy” – in the new sci-FAE from Andy WAS gone. Pratt not only Lose weight, But Also Pumped up so That it does not know Simply. Suddenly Find by themselves Actor hit the Lists of new sex symbols, but we are still in the first place love for his comedic talent and sense of humor.


6. Matt Damon, The Informant

For Matt Damon paradise looks: MacDonald’s for Breakfast, lunch and dinner – at Least it Looked like this diet, When he HAD to gain weight for “The Informant!”. The Actor, by His own Admission, WAS completely happy until Gained an Additional 15 Pounds for the role in the Film Soderbergh. Damon tried to be more like His character Michael Whitaker, the FBI Informant WHO Helped collect Evidence of price collusion in the Company. Here, the “secret agent” is not like the Bourne Externally But Tricks him, as it turned out, does not hold.


7. Bradley Cooper, American Sniper

The sexiest Man, ACCORDING to the People Magazine, Went to A Radical Change in appearance for the new Movie Directed by Clint Eastwood. The History of the “American Sniper” demanded Cooper be the Most Similar to ITS Prototype – the sniper Chris Kyle, United States Navy serviceman. To Look like A Real “sea Lion”, Cooper scored A huge muscle Mass – Nearly 20 Pounds. On the Actor has changed beyond Recognition CAN be Viewed in the Movie in March 2015 – two years after he was shot by Chris Kyle. Kyle WAS the Most dangerous sniper US Troops – to His credit About 225 murders, some of which are not officially confirmed.



8. Michael Fassbender, Hunger

The first Important role of the future sex symbol, Became Famous for His kinomanskih in Circles. Former Contemporary artist Steve McQueen filmed the Real Story of the Famous hunger strike in 1981, where Fassbender plays the protagonist – an IRA activist arrested Bobby Sands, who continues His Radical Struggle only remaining way to HIM – using His own body. Frightening Beauty of the Film, A complex topic and sacrifice Fassbender, literally dried up and Dissolved in the Air, Brought Actor Award British Independent Film Award for Best Actor. By the end of filming the actor lost weight up to 58 pounds – even frightened by it coincidence, it is at that point the real Bobby Sands made ​​the last entry in his diary.






9. Tom Hardy, The Dark Knight – Rises

Tom Hardy has always Been A tough guy and not just more muscle Gaining Mass for the filming of the next Movie – Remember Though biopic of Charles Bronson, Though the Sports Drama “Warrior.” HOWEVER, it is the image of Bane, with the Villain Severe Childhood, Hardy has Brought love and Respect Among FANS of exercises with free Weights. For this role, the Actor swung to the State of the mountain: scored 13 Pounds of pure muscle. No wonder, the Query “Tom Hardy Bane” Google for the most part provides instructions on how to repeat the feat of the fitness of the actor.


10. Toni Collette, Muriel’s Wedding

Looking for Toni Collette today, it is difficult to imagine what was in her acting career short period when she deliberately weighed almost 20 Pounds more than Usual. In the Mid-90s Collette Played A Provincial WHO only girl That Dreamed of Marriage, But Could not His reach Goal. Writers of the Film did not think Long and Awarded heroine-Loser Classic attributes: overweight, bad taste and A good heart. Immediately after the shooting with the help of nutritionists actress Thin and since then has consistently adhered to Fitness.


11. Elizabeth Taylor, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

In the mid-60’s Liz Taylor WAS One of the Most Luxurious actresses in Hollywood. Important role in this Played A “Cleopatra” – epic, released in 1963, where Taylor flashed impressive cleavage and a wasp waist and on the set of which fell in love with His partner in the Film by Richard Burton. You CAN imagine how the Audience gasped Three years later, When the Same Couple (now husband and wife) ACTED hysterical Drama Mike Nichols About Intellectuals aging spouses. To do this, Taylor Strongly Gained weight and Wore A gray wig – and with it, so Played That lump in His Throat. Perhaps after this many are in error, That the “Oscar” is enough to make A solid feat – even Though the Case is, of course, Primarily in talent.


Robert De Niro 12., Raging Bull

“Raging Bull” WAS the Fourth joint Film by Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro – and in some ways Summed up the grand era of “New Hollywood”, glorified Both. Here One of the Best American ACTORS playing boxer Jake LaMotta – middleweight Champion, Whose bad temper and Explosive temper did not Bring HIM Any good. For the Final Scenes of the Film De Niro specifically embark on A Gastronomic Tour in Europe – while the Actor eaten off, the Crew WAITED Patiently. The Process took Several months, DURING Which De Niro recovered from 66 to 97 Pounds and Gained A number of Health Problems. And then – “Oscar”.


13. Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Transformation of Matthew McConaughey and golden-haired Defined frequenter romkomov Capable of anything in the powerful Dramatic Actor Started A few years ago, But “Dallas Buyers Club” Became ITS culmination. Shortly before the Release of the Film we have in Matthew Seen All ITS glory in the “Real Detective” – But even then the role of an AIDS Patient cowboy-homophobic shocked many. Here, again, the HAD “Oscar” combination: cheerless Plot Borrowed from Real Life, A powerful Game McConaughey and Inevitable for such stories fading image of the body (for the role, the actor dropped 17 pounds).


14. Christian Bale, The Machinist

Christian Bale, as we know, no regrets on set Himself or others. Most of us learned it from About A Paranoid thriller “The Machinist”, WHERE Bale Plays Suffer from Insomnia Factory worker. The Film inevitably evoked Comparisons with “Fight Club”, but look here still have something – and worst of all not the plot looks and exhausted wiry Bale with swollen eyes, losing one kilogram after another and totally confused between reality and half-sleep.



15. Dan Stevens, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Guest

We already wrote about the fact that Dan Stevens suddenly became a “new Gosling” – and as we all may belong to this fact, for he had to lose 14 Pounds. British Actor, beloved by FANS of “Downton Abbey” for His role puhloschekoy Matthew Crowley, Moved to Hollywood A few years ago and immediately pleased us The way to the two roles. First Stevens Played with Drug Dealers wounded heart in “A Walk Among the Tombstones” – A good Representative of the Genre “thriller with Liam Neeson. ” And finally Conquered us in the role of “good bad guy” Our favorite in Post-Modern “Guests”. Both films In the Actor Suddenly Sports A sharply defined chin and cubes, Though, in All honesty, the Best Metamorphosis Happened to HIM in an ironic web series «High Maintenance».

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