Calender – Tattooed Librarians

Last autumn, Library Association of Rhode Island has launched its first calendar “tattooed librarians.” His models can easily break all the stereotypes about strict middle-aged librarian in long skirts and shapeless sweaters. The calendar includes 12 librarians who take pride in their work … and their tattoos! On each shot, you see the love these people, not only for books, but also for the ink drawings on the body.

1. This bold and fun calendar was created on a fairly noble cause: all proceeds from its sale will be used to improve the performance of Library Association of Rhode Island.

Tattooed Librarians (1)

2. Funny photos immediately attracted the attention of the public, and calendar shattered like hotcakes.

Tattooed Librarians (2)

3. Today the library – it’s not just about books.

Tattooed Librarians (3)

4. This is the place where you can get access to technology and programming for all ages.

Tattooed Librarians (4)

5. Association clarifies the idea of ​​this calendar as follows: “Libraries are unique because they raise in us The desire to preserve the history and traditions, while at the same time fighting against censorship and moving forward on the path of knowledge.

Tattooed Librarians (5)

6. “In the same manner, the tattoo can be a process of preserving the history and opposition to established norms of the society.”

Tattooed Librarians (6)

I hope tattoo overs and librarians are going to enjoy this article please let us the your view in comments below…

Tattooed Librarians (7)

Tattooed Librarians (8)

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