The car, that will be driven by Sun and Wind

The sun and the wind as an alternative automobile fuel. This is not fantasy with the car, created by French designers and constructors. Solar panels on the roof of the car will help to drive about 50 km, and if there is no sun, the car will result in the movement of the wind.



Although the idea of “green” cars is not new, French Venturi Eclectic self-supplied surprise even connoisseurs environmental transport. Touted as a fully autonomous vehicle, Eclectic actually does not require any fixed network socket to recharge the battery or fuel. The car is moving due to the small motor power 22 hp (16 kW). The battery is charged from rooftop solar panels with a total area of 2.5 square meters.




Eclectic is intended for daily trips in cities, and more like a card than a real machine. Idea unusual “green” cars Sasha Lakić (Sacha Laki) copisyvaet unusual vehicle as “a modern, autonomous and intelligent car”.



When Venturi Eclectic is not moving, it automatically starts to recharge the nickel-metaligidridny battery by solar panels. A fully charged battery will last for a trip at a speed of 50 km / h at a distance of 50 km. This is enough for city trips.



Venturi Eclectic is suitable for regions where sunny days is not a lot. On the roof of a car with a small folding wind turbine connected to a miniature electric generator. Wind turbine power enough to drive another 15 miles after the battery is dead. Quadruple Eclectic weighs 350 pounds and is worth 24,000 euros.


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