26 Celebrities Photos Before They Were Famous

It’s so cool to look back at these famous people when they were young, before the limelight. Some of them look so ordinary, on vacations, playing football, and some in their bedrooms, it’s hard to believe they would be so big. I love the Bill Gates mug shot.

1. Barack Obama smoking when he was a Freshman, back in 1980.

Obama Smoking 1980

2. Ben Stiller with his dad Jerry Stiller, on a trip to New York in 1978.

Jerry Stiller & Ben Stiller in 1978

3. Young KGB spy Vladimir Putin (on the far left), meeting President Reagan.

Vladimir Putin KGB spy

4. Joe Biden when he was 26 years old – 1964.

Joe Biden aged 26

5. President Clinton learnt how to handle his instrument at a young age – 1960

Clinton handling his instrument

6. Sarah Silverman’s first casting call – 1980s

Sarah Silverman Casting

7. Steve Buscemi when he was a NYC fire fighter – 1976

Steve Buscemi Fire Fighter

8. Robin Williams, High school senior – 1969

Robin Williams High School Photo

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger visiting New York City for the first time – 1968

Arnold Schwarzenegger old photo

10. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, aged 15 in 1987

Old photo of The Rock, Dwayne Johnson

11. Christian Bale playing with his Joystick – 1984

Photo of Young Christian Bale

12. Tommy Lee Jones in 1965, playing senior football

Old Picture of Tommy Lee Jones

13. Bob Marley back when he was in the Wailers band – 1965

Bob Marley young photo

14. Young looking Jim Carrey in a photo from the 1970s

Jim Carrey young shot

15. Bill Cosby when he was a college fullback for the Temple Owls in 1961

Bill Cosby Old Football Photo

16. Morgan Freeman in the 1970s with an afro, in one of his first TV appearances

Morgan Freeman Afro Hair

17. Robert Downy Jr. with his friend Mike Tyson in the 1980s

Robert Downy Jr. and Mike Tyson

18. Muhammad Ali training underwater at the Sir John Hotel in Miami – 1961

Muhammad Ali training underwater

19. A Young Tony Hawk in the 1980s

Tony Hawk Young Photo

20. Frank Sinatra’s mug shot after being arrested for adultery and seduction, a crime at the time – 1938

Frank Sinatra Mug Shot

21. Vin Diesel’s high school yearbook photo from 1985

Vin Diesel old photo, young looking

22. Bill Gates when he was arrested for driving without a license in 1977

Bill Gates Mug Shot

23. Joseph Stalin’s mug shots from 1911

Joseph Stalin old mug shot

24. Stephen Colbert back when he was in college – 1984

Stephen Colbert old picture

25. Steve Carrell in his final year at Middlesex School, back in 1980

Steve Carrell School Photo

26. Brad Pitt with his childhood basketball team in 1977

Young Brad Pitt Photo

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