Colored Animals: Miracle of God!!!

There are lots of magical creatures created by god. You must have seen many types of animals and must be wondering about their colour, shape and size that how creative the god is.

But have you got bored of watching same type of animals everyday then this article will really sound interesting to you as you will see something very strange here. Yes, something which will make your eyes and mouth wide open. I am sure it will be impossible for you to believe it in first sight because it seems like it is photo shopped but these strange colour animals really do exist.

You might not get a chance to see a purple colored polar bear, colorful lizard and snail and many more colorful animals that are different from their original species by your eyes. So don’t miss this chance to see them and tell your other friends too to take this advantage.

Orange Alligator

Colored Animals: Miracle of God!!! (1) Sylvia Mythen, a 70-year-old grandmother from Venice, Fl, has discovered what appears to be the world’s first orange alligator. She was returning from work when she drove by the gator and promptly had to back up for a double-take.

After sending the picture to her local news station she also contacted a biologist who believes the gator is really just half-albino. He says he has never seen or heard of one.

But Gary Morse from Florida Fish and Wildlife feels the orange color might be from some environmental element. Regardless, the University of Florida Gators might have a new mascot.

Purple polar bear

Colored Animals: Miracle of God!!! (2) Look at this strange animal! Yes, that is a purple polar bear believe it or not! This usually white polar bear created quite the buzz about the Mendoza City Zoo in Argentina when it unexpectedly turned purple.

It seems that the polar bear named Pelusa had a skin condition that the zoo officials were trying to treat, and as a result of the special treatment of this condition the polar bear turned purple. The purple color only lasted for a little while, but it was quite the talk of the town and spread across the world news and internet like wildfire.

Spider-man lizard

Colored Animals: Miracle of God!!! (3) The lizard in the photo is not being manipulated (not a photo manipulation). It is now the latest exotic pet craze. Mwanza flat-headed agama’s vivid blue-and-red coloring, is a lizard that has a body skin colour similar to Spider man. Agamas, which are native to Kenya can be good pets, as they become tame and docile if handled regularly.

It can grow up to a foot long, and a balanced diet for them includes locusts, crickets, meal worms and wax worms. They are unable to throw webs, but can change colour – the brightly colored males will change brown at night or if frightened. They can also run on their hind legs, and can scale vertical walls like spiders.

Flamingo Tongue Snail

Colored Animals: Miracle of God!!! (4) The flamingo tongue snail (cyphoma gibbosumn) is a small, colorful sea snail which lives on various species of soft corals in the Caribbean. This creature almost-literally wears its heart (soul and colors) on its sleeve. The pretty color you see in this image is not a snail’s shell!

Rather, it’s in a layer of live mantle tissue, connected to its foot – the snail pushes it out to cover the shell. The mantle tissue also works like a fish’s gill. When the snail is attacked, the mantle (and colors) is withdrawn. So you might say, this is the only marine animal that literally turns pale in fright.

Pink katydid

Colored Animals: Miracle of God!!! (5) Insects typically do not stand out. Something to do with being their one way ticket to certain extinction, generally. A fact that just adds to the mystique of the extremely rare pink katydid. What is perhaps strangest about this species is where they are turning up; the majority of pink katydid images are attributed to the most untropical places such as Osaka and the American Midwest. Speculation is that their unusual color is caused by the genetic condition erythrism, which denotes an unusual red pigmentation.

Atelopus frog

Colored Animals: Miracle of God!!! (6) The Atelopus frog is known by many names such as the clown frog or the Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad. Whatever you call the frog, it is a neon-tropical toad that was once quite wide spread living throughout Costa Rica and Panama. The species is listed as critically endangered and is thought to be living primarily in Panama today. Photo: Paul Ouboter / Conservation International.

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