Construction of an Artificial Nest –  Must See

Construction of an Artificial Nest – Must See

People like doing crazy experiments, so i got 1 for you, find it really interesting so thought to show you.. Take a look… In the language of Writer Andrew Deveykin  : A couple of months ago I relocated from their ant has already become close to a spacious nest tubes which made himself. Offer to your attention a report on the construction of large and resettlement. Since the relocation of the ants have doubled their numbers. Take a look of it …really interesting.

 Woman soldier

Did you know that all the ants in an anthill – a girl? Even the harsh, violent-looking soldiers, in fact, soldier. Boys ants are only needed at the time of reproduction, and only once! (And if this time will fail?) During the breeding season cruise princes and princesses leave the nest in search of a partner. After mating, the princess cast wings, and the princes … Skates  And then once the female carries the eggs for nearly twenty years! By the way, no other insect in the world does not live as long as the ant queen. True worker ants live from one to five years. Fertilized, threw the wings uterus starts to look for a suitable hiding place.

  Soldier’s love .

Thus, in vitro we felt cramped. Camponotus fellah ants are quite large. Working around a centimeter in length, and mamashka and soldiers twice as larger. More than forty workers already struggling offspring were placed in a test tube, and I decided to build formikariya (artificial nest). The principle is simple – pour out drink-yes to cast in plaster or plaster block with the finished passages and rooms that will have access to the arena, the ventilation and the ability to hydrate structure. Information on the Internet sea!

And, despite all this, the first time is always an act. As always, before the accomplishment of something new, I started with the preparation of materials, bought a box of chocolates Ferrero, a box for glass beads, pipe, clay and gypsum stack. Began by saying that eating candy – it helps a lot of brain activity

 A box of chocolates will be at the arena. The top is cut to the arena is well ventilated. The edges will be missed and lip gloss so the ants could not get out of it.
 Cut partitions in a box for glass beads, cut holes for ventilation, humidification and input. Made a sketch of the interior.
According to the sketch put under glass, glass molded interior so that they make maximum use of the depth of the box, but did not reach the back wall. One camera stands alone – a camera wet. It is inserted from the top tube for cocktails (two cameras on it have the appropriate shape for the passage of the tube).
Model in an assembly without gypsum.
To simplify the process of taking out the casting out of the box and to prevent leakage of plaster over the holes already made, laid out the bottom of the box with cling film. I assumed pour plaster into the box and cover the glass with plasticine form of squeezing excess plaster. In fact, it’s not a good idea. At least I did not succeed. True, the experience of working with plaster, I almost zero. The first and last time I cast a plaster mold when I worked in the polisher stomatpoliklinike almost twenty years ago. I then cut out a wax skull size centimeters five, and immortalized her in a dental plastic.
 So, the first batch began to harden before I stuck the form below. For me it was a complete surprise and, in an attempt to bring the case to the end, I crushed the glass … but still, we are not accustomed to retreat … (C) Using a glass piece of plastic cut from a box of chocolates and remains of gypsum, representing approximately the time frame allotted to me, I did the same cast. Gypsum had not enough. That the front part turned out okay, I turned on the shape of the glass. On the back wall plaster dipped in a couple of places formed a hole, but the front side otlilas fine.
 Cleaned the clay. Dug in a little plaster bins: a hole and smeared boosted prosevshie sites. When casting frozen, but not dry: a knife burrs and irregularities leveled, cut through the passageways to the ventilation system.
 Casting soaked in water and detergent for dishes to wash the plaster has absorbed the fat out of plasticine. Thoroughly rinsed and left the cast to dry out for several days.
Obtained a new piece of glass, Formica and assembled glued with silicone.
 To cover the ventilation daughter suggested nylon mesh. The grid was very thin, durable, and thanks to a special weaving, had no sliding of the cell. Tanya and also taped the grid with hot glue.
Exit the arena. Well, you can connect.
 Cut a hole in the old arena and connected the new Formica, pre-moistened. I read a lot about what the ants are not very willing to move into a new home. To encourage relocation, many obscure keeper new Formica. I decided to give her a little time leaving the ants as it is. Wait a long time they did not make me HAPPY.
Scout long and carefully examined the new apartment, constantly stopping, moving and cleaning their antennae.
 And you have a strong network? And then we have a cat . rather quickly became two of the scouts, then four. Then, about six hours working around aimlessly roamed the Formica scanning antennae space and imitating everyday life: cleaning each other, tried to bite the grid and wall … In the end, he was invited to inspect a military expert soldier and then – it started!Drag and drop the eggs, larvae and cocoons were left in the tube. Shift them from place to place, looking for eggs and hauling in Formica. Pieces 15 workers and one soldier sitting with a uterus in vitro.
Attention to resettlement: Proceed with things in the blue channel
Drag and drop …. eeee … Robot-nannies  Workers pulled crooked business, I thought that they were being dragged newly hatched, but as soon as crooked released, they jumped to their feet and began to run. I think that they are dragged nurses who have never been out of the tube.
 I have not seen where they activate the button. Most often, after release, transported rose and began to run.
 But sometimes that push the activation button and forget ant with half an hour lying in the same position. In the arena of three: one soldier and two workers. The rest are in Formica. At one point, trying to bite the wall. It turned out that the wall they gnaw in order to get building materials for laying ventilation. I missed both moved mamashku. After her departure in vitro were only larvae, cocoons, a small group of soldiers and workers.
 Soldiers met and fed each incoming porter.
 Drag and drop the cocoons
 The hardest part – drag larvae larger than an ant. Dragged the last larva. In vitro there were three workers – eats something and half-soldier sits at the entrance. In the arena of men and one business, the rest are in Formica close up the bottom two ventilation holes. Ants took up the fresh plaster and four times reduced the remaining two ventilation holes. All pupae and larvae carried into the tube, inside the eggs left. Sami also sit inside. The passages between the chambers are quite large. I hope that the two holes they have enough. At least stop digging
 Vygryzli fresh stucco …
… And close up the top holes
 I thought that all involved in this building will remain sealed their mouths with
 But, no – with the help of friends almost got rid of all the “seals” in the first few hours after work. All pupae were returned to Formica. Nobody in the arena … in general. One sits in the tube. To it sometimes looks a group of 3-4 workers. They’re clean, “kiss” and go left one.
 Removed the tube, changed the scene and put a large water bottle. Ant farm is ready . Through flat glass to observe and photograph the ants are much better. Finally able to take pictures of the extraction process newborn
As well as packing …
I noticed that the worker is busy with a soldier larva, and that somehow oddly moving … in very thin cocoon!
 Ants build in the air model of DNA from eggs. Airs probably
Open water the ants for some reason, really do not know how to drink. Maybe it’s just mine? I had to put them in cotton wool drinkers. So they drink and drown themselves
As I was building a nest
 For the honey syrup they put the plastic cover of bottled water. Doused her with boiling water by pushing his finger deeper and maknul in cold water. Get high saucer.
As I was building a nest
 It turns out the larvae of a red down
I very pleased that my ants were eating cat food. I think it’s a very healthy diet.
As I was building a nest
 On social justice: A soldier tempted to work
As I was building a nest
 Until we meet again

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