Unusual Cubic Clothing Collection

Unusual collection of clothes, which is based on a cubic form, presented the young Swedish designer. According to the designer, itochnikom inspiration for it served as one of the great figures da Vinci.


In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci has entered the human body in a square and a circle. Picture this, called “Vitruvian Man”, became a symbol of the ideal internal symmetry of the human body and the universe as a whole. Designer Mina Lundgren (Mina Lundgren) decided to create a dialogue between the feminine silhouette and a cube, resulting in the experimental clothing collection “Cube” (Cube) .


Another source of inspiration for fashion design graduate of the Swedish School of Textiles began experimenting American artist Donald Judd in the expressive possibilities of cubic volumes.


According to the most Mines, she wanted to create a collection of clothes, which would have been as simple as fairly complex form, which combines a common origin – harmony.


Mina Lundgren wants to open his own label under which will be releasing their incredible cubic outfits. Fans Feshin experiments will appreciate the “smart” dress-umbrella protecting the personal space of the owner.


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