Deer The King

Here we got something for you from Richmond Park in London, Between this period of time males are indulge in serious fight for every piece of land and for every female. The hero of our office decided to intimidate their rivals majestic horns with this crown.Once this self-proclaimed King of Richmond Park appeared with this crown of leaves and moss on the horns, the other males hurried off…


1. One morning in Richmond Park, You can see here.. the king with a majestic crown of leaves, twigs and moss.

Deer The King (1)  2.  30-year-old photographer Mark Smith watched  him playing  in the park because of his royal passion.

Deer The King (2)  3. Deer has carefully selected his hat 🙂

Deer The King (3) 4. “As soon as the male with the” crown “appeared in the park, his rivals were quick to leave,” – said by the photographer.

Deer The King (4)  5.  In the breeding season, many deer behave differently – someone chooses a certain place, someone should be around the female hoping to collect a harem. This male has apparently decided something more different.

Deer The King (5)  6. In this park, he’s a real winner.

Deer The King (6)  7. “When you walk in the morning in the reserve, and suddenly you hear the roaring of 200-deer, the really heart stops, photographer said. – But it’s very interesting to watch, a natural beauty . ”

Deer The King (7)

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