Do You Want to Stay in Luxurious Prison ?

Hett Arrestuis – a prison of the XIX century in the Netherlands, which was turned into a premium hotel. Prison refurbished, adding chic, spacious and modern design, while retaining the rich history of this building. The hotel invites guests to try out the unique deluxe and comfort, as well as take advantage of a relaxing sauna and a fitness center. It seems that “serve time” has never been so much fun!

1. 150 cameras former prison converted into 36 luxury rooms and 7 suites, including four special suites, which are called “director”, “guard”, “lawyer” and “judge.”

Prison Hotel (13)
2. These rooms are located on the other side of the room from the former guards and sports area.


Prison Hotel (12)

3. All rooms feature amenities such as a comfortable double bed, shower, air conditioning, TV, free WiFi, and even by a coffee machine, and each room has its own style and character.

Prison Hotel (11)

4. In addition, the hotel certainly has a restaurant and bar.

Prison Hotel (10)

5. The owners and designers with a sense of humor is clearly all right: the menu says that this hotel offers more than just “bread and water”.

Prison Hotel (9)   Prison Hotel (8)   Prison Hotel (7)   Prison Hotel (6)   Prison Hotel (5)   Prison Hotel (4)   Prison Hotel (3)   Prison Hotel (2)

What do you think this idea will attract the travelers or Not? We will wait for your comment…