Facts that prove that Australia is a crazy place

There are so many things unknown and unknowable! If you can not sit still and you plan to visit as many amazing and attractive parts of our great planet, certainly include in your list «must see» Australia.

Then offer photos that introduce you to the 33-bedroom bizarre facts connected with this country .

In Australian waters are found huge jellyfish, whose venom can lead to cardiovascular collapse and cause death within a few minutes.


In 2012, Australia was forbidden to show one of the episodes of the cartoon “Piggy Pig” because of the fact that there sounded phrase that spiders are harmless.


If the largest constituency Australia Durek was a country, it would be 19th largest country in the world. Area Dureka (1587758 sq km) more area of ​​France, Germany and Spain combined.


Released in Australia gold coin of $ 1 million, is the largest and most valuable coin of this kind. It weighs a ton, and it is 99.99% pure gold. Its real value is $ 40.8 million.


During the Second World War, the Australian dog named Shooter, due to its acute hearing, warned the soldiers of air raid Japanese air for 20 minutes before the enemy planes.


In Western Australia, there is a place to space closer than the nearest town.


These huge, a man’s hand, Australian insects known as “tree lobsters” because of their rigid exoskeleton.


In Australia, live in the world’s most dangerous bees. Their venom causes allergic reactions in 1-2% of the population. According to statistics, these bees venom kills more people than sharks.


In South Australia, is the largest cattle farms – «Anna Creek Station». Its size, an area of ​​24,000 sq km, exceed the size of Israel.


In 2013, the year the Australian wild boar dragged vacationers 18 bottles of beer drunk and got into a fight with a cow.


Every year, because of the terrible carnivorous Australian forty someone loses his eyes.


In Australian forests grow trees, the juice of which can cause severe burns.


Despite the fact that this does not look more jellyfish two-cent coin, its poison 100 times more dangerous than cobra venom.


Highway Highway 1, the length of 14,500 km (9,000 miles), is the Length of the national highway in the world. If you will go on 10 hours a day at an average speed of 100 km / h, you will need at least two weeks to circumnavigate the continent.


Rum was the main currency in colonial Australia. When in 1808, Governor William Bligh tried to do away with it, his government was overthrown in a single revolution in the history of Australia.


In 1970, a dispute between a peasant family and the Australian Government has led to the proclamation of independence and the creation of the first Principality of Hutt River.


24 Rabbit, released in Australia in 1859, less than 70 years have multiplied to a population of 10 billion pieces.


When in 1970 in Australia there was Burger King, he had to change the name to Hungry Jack’s, because the name had already been patented.


Australian cyclones were named by the names of politicians who at one time or another did not like the weatherman.


Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared while swimming in 1967, and his body was never found. In his honor named one of Australian swimming pools.


While in Australia are found most poisonous spiders in the world, in fact, since 1979 there has not been a single fatal outcome associated with their bites.


Giant bird Dromornis roamed Australia just 15,000 years ago.


Australia has 10,685 beaches. To visit every day a new beach, you’ll need more 29 years.


Country hit Al Yankovic “Eat It” hit the top of the charts in Australia in 1984, while the original Michael Jackson «Beat It» at the same time is only the third place.


In Australia, officially registered 65,486 Jedi, making “Jediism” 18th largest religion.


The last 24 representatives of the rarest species of insects – giant stick insects – were found on the Australian island of Lord Howe in 2001.


Built to protect the sheep from wild Australian dogs, so-called “Dingo Fence” is the longest known in the world of fencing. Its length – more than 5,500 km.


Bushranger Mundine Joe escaped from an Australian prison so many times that the government had to build a special chamber to hold him in custody. The governor then said: “If you manage to escape, and this time, I forgive you.” He escaped, and was released when he was caught.


When in 1979 near Western Australia crashed space station Skylab, advice Esperance NASA presented a bill for $ 400 for environmental pollution. This penalty, however, was never paid.


In 1979, the police had to restrain Newcastle riot, which involved Bole 4,000 people protesting against the closure of the city pub.


In 1992, media mogul Kerry Packer refused to broadcast a new show Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos, demanding “clean that shit off the air.”


In Australia, the most enormous owl lives, which is able to kill and eat even possums. It is called “Powerful Owl.”


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