Fans and Protesters of Lady Gaga in tour of Asia

Fans and Protesters of Lady Gaga in tour of Asia

1. Lady Gaga’s tour of Asia has been disrupted by protesters from Islamic and Christian groups. She cancelled her sold-out show in Indonesia following threats by Islamic hard-liners, who called her a “devil worshipper”.

2. The Islamic Defenders Front said Lady Gaga’s sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt the youth. They vowed to turn out at the airport by the thousands if Lady Gaga arrived. Others said they bought tickets so they could wreak havoc from inside the 52,000-seat stadium in the capital, Jakarta.

3. “We had to cancel the concert in Indonesia,” she tweeted to her followers after promoters acknowledged concerns about her own safety and that of her “Little Monster” fans if the show went ahead. “I’m so very sorry to the fans & just as devastated as you if not more,” she wrote. “You are everything to me.”

4. Lady Gaga’s manager says the pop diva has no plans to tone down her act, even if that prevents her from performing in some countries on her Asian tour.

5. Lady Gaga fans in Manila pay tribute to their idol before a concert in the Philippines

6. Lady Gaga fans pose in outlandish costume before her concert in Manila

7. Members of Biblemode Youth Philippines participate in a candelit vigil protesting against a Lady Gaga concert in Manila

8. Lady Gaga fans arrive to attend her concert in Manila

9. A fan in Manila wear shoes similar to those worn by Lady Gaga

10. Fans in Manila dress like their idol before her arrival in the Philippines

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