Fashion hits and misses : Royal Ascot 2012

1. With new style guidelines in place, see how race-goers at Royal Ascot fared in the style stakes this year.

2. TV presenter Anneka Svenska opted for a zany, birdcage-inspired ensemble, and won the wackiest outfit on the Berkshire course in the process.

3. Danielle Lineker is a familiar face at Royal Ascot, so she called upon French designer Roland Mouret for this flattering, monochrome dress to nail her annual entrance.

4. We’re disappointed by model Florence Brudenell-Bruc e’s choice of attire; while we love the jacket, the mis-matched accessories make the result a bit haphazard. Plus, there would be no harm in showing off her enviable figure in a showstopping dress…

5. Though the coral corsage on her frisbee-esque headpiece is somewhat distracting,Amanda Holden looks pretty in pastel florals, with full skirt and bow.

6. Proving that big hats don’t automatically have to be bonkers, this chic race-goer shows how a splash of lemon netting can lift an otherwise ‘safe’ monochrome outfit.

7. Perhaps it was the conservative nude shoes that wangled this “barmaid chic” get-up past Ascot’s strict dress code. We hope someone told Russell Brand where to find his date though…

8. Did no-one tell Jackie St Claire that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations were so three weeks ago? Can’t help thinking of a tub of Quality Streets whenever faces with this picture.

9. With her signature patent handbag and pristine white gloves in tow, the Queenlooks lovely in a powder blue dress and coat by Stewart Parvin and hat by milliner of choice, Rachel Trevor-Morgan.

10. There’s barely a whiff of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ around reality TV star Lydia Bright’s carefully co-ordinated ensemble. Points go to the demure length of her dress and appropriate leg-to-décolletage ratio.