Fashionable Hats for 2015

No, no, do not rush to write off hats off! They are more like a trend, though, and look, perhaps a little unusual. And though the unfortunate tendency to ignore the hat in real life remains, your favorites are even here. It does not matter whether you have gathered for a photo session, a hat party or want to stand out (or maybe you just love the hat with all my heart) – stylists this year, look at the Mad Hatter’s hat, cap, summer retro panamku (for people that went to the south and warm seasons), and other interesting in the world of hats.

Mad Hatter Hat

All originals, dreamer and lovers of fairy tales is dedicated – a classic English gentleman hat is increasingly becoming the taste Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland.”

1 (1)

1. CA4LA Circular hat, $ 439

2. Federica Moretti Adele hat, $ 415

3. Borsalino hat, $ 175

Summer panama retro

Remember how they were sunbathing on the beach, our Pope? Came our turn. Straw hat with a wide brim superseded simple light panama decorated to taste ribbons, badges and all, than your heart desires.




2 (1)

Acne Studios leather bucket hat, $ 500

Large pot

Classic bowler from past centuries increased to unprecedented proportions and put on the shelves.Looks strange, and celebrities like.

3 (1)

1. Brunello Cucinelli felted wool bowler hat, $ 236

2. Béton Ciré Miki breton hat, $ 115

3. Pixie Market chain bowler hat, $ 235


In similar caps usually show railway workers, is not it? Whatever it was, it is now a stylish and popular accessory, no more, no less.

4 (1)

Laura Cathcart green leopard emerald hat, $ 250

Hats with earflaps

Terribly actual acquisition for our winters.

5 (1)

1. Genie by Eugenia Kim Leighton tweed cap, $ 29

2. Delux grey luxe trapper hat, $ 720

3. Albertus Swanepoel leather Earhart trapper, $ 535

Hats of all styles with pompons

It is hard to imagine the day when pompoms on their caps announce unpopular thing of the past.

6 (1)

Cowboy hat

Immortal classic.

7 (1)

1. Reinhard Plank Laila hat, $ 345

2. Filu Hats Verbier hat, $ 715

3. Clyde khaki short pinch hat, $ 312

Cap for parties

In a particularly inventive designer cap even for parties became an independent headdress. Yes, the trends are able to surprise us!

8 (1)

Otaat party hat, $ 75

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