1. Amateur and professional photographers are invited to enter

FOTO8 Summershow photography competition

1. Amateur and professional photographers are invited to enter

2. The winner receives the title of Best in Show and a £2,000 cash

3. Runner Up, FOTO8 Summershow 2011: Antonio Zazueta Olmos.

4. Runner Up, FOTO8 Summershow 2011: Neil Hall – After the Crash.

5. Runner Up, FOTO8 Summershow 2011: Martin Usborne

6. Ed Thompson: Barbara the hen in her jumper.

7. Foto8 Summershow 2011 shortlisted images: Natalie Naccache.

8. Helen Twomey: Chloe, a young bridesmaid from an Irish Traveller

9. Becky Matthews & Clare Struthers: My Big Fat Ugandan Wedding. 

10. Lucia Herrero: Virgilio y Purificación. From the series ‘Tribes’.

11. Sebastian Meyer: Rebel soldiers duck for cover after a jet drops

12. Jack Hill: An ammunition supply truck explodes following

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