From Gold to Transparent in Which Toilet You Want To Go????

When it comes to home renovation, many are turning their attention primarily on luxury kitchen or living room to be perfect, but what about the toilets ? Well, if you do decide to make repairs in the bathroom, maybe these creative ideas will help you  From self-cleaning toilets to these masterpieces of jewelry – it seems that not everyone is ready to settle for a new paint and porcelain toilet bowl. Some are funny but have a look….

1. This toilet is in Hong Kong, made of pure gold, and the only one toilet is worth $ 3 million. To avoid scratching the golden floor, you’ll have to wear shoe covers.

some unique toilets of world (1)

2. In Paris, self-cleaning toilets  after each use are placed. Once you leave, a 60-second cleaning cycle  begins and the toilet automatically  get disinfected.

some unique toilets of world (2)

3. A London architect Monica Bonvicini has created a one-way mirror toilet, so you can pass the time “in the act”, looking at passers-by.

some unique toilets of world (3)

4. Fortunately, a toilet with a one-way mirror, so that passers-by can not see you (we at least hope so).

some unique toilets of world (4)

5. This cosmic vacuum toilet special seen by the Prince Charles when he came on a visit to the Museum of Innovation Engineering in Tokyo.

some unique toilets of world (5)

6. Everyone knows that the Japanese are crazy about video games. Now they are even in the toilets! Moreover, a few games to choose from, but they all share one thing: you control … their stream of urine. For example, in the game «Graffiti Eraser» you wash off graffiti off the walls with the help of his urine, but in the game «The North Wind and the Sun and Me» steam from urine allows you to lift her skirt girl. Thus, the greater the pressure, the more skirt will raised.

some unique toilets of world (6)

7. On the 15th floor penthouse PPDG in Guadalajara, a toilet located in an open elevator shaft, and the bottom of the toilet is transparent. That is to say, for thrills.

some unique toilets of world (7)

8. Compared with the previous toilet, these “eggs” in Hong Kong are modest.

some unique toilets of world (8)

9. The hotel «Madarao-Kogen», again, in Japan, the city of Iiyama, you’re sitting in the toilet, as if on top of the mountain, ready at any moment to break down on skis.

some unique toilets of world (9)

10. Although in this toilet at the Hong Kong shopping center you can`t play video games, but you can see some TV shows in the process.



some unique toilets of world (10)

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