Genetics Doom: Two Headed Species

Genetics is a special branch of science which deals with the heredity or genes of the plants, humans and animals. It is mostly responsible for the development of new species and sometimes these developments are quite unusual. May be it’s not loved by us but these developments are gifts for the persons related with this field.  You can find 10 of the two headed animals here which are quite weird to watch.

1) Two Headed Cat –

There have been numerous reports of two-faced cats; most die soon after birth. Reports of two-headed kittens are common, relative to other animals, because of their status as household pets. This grey and white kitten was born in Perth, Australia.

Two-headed Kitten2) Two Headed gecko –

This two headed gecko was found in the Chinese Antique shop in the town of  Huaihua, Central China’s Hunan Province on June 3, 2008.

Two-headed Gecko3) Two headed Pig –

This miracle was again took place in China, this time in Quanzhaou. At the time of birth it weighed 1.5kg and had 2 mouths and 4 eyes.

Two-headed Pig4) Two-headed Python –

This python was found in the Colombo Zoo, SriLanka. It can eat by both the heads. But from its usual counterparts which are up to 7 metres, it is only 25 inches long.

Two-headed Python5) Two-headed Turtle –

This two headed turtle was found in the pet shop of Florida at Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue in Kensington. But unfortunately it was stolen from the store.

Two-headed Turtle6) Two-headed Crocodile –

This species of Crocodile was found in the year 2001 in Thailand.

Two-headed Crocodile7) Two-headed Cow –

This Calf was born in Virginia, US. The owner of this calf is Farmer Kirk Heldreth who actually tried artificial insemination on a cow to produce the best possible cow. But the genetic abnormality produced this calf.

Two-headed Cow8) Two-headed Lamb –

This two headed lamb was found in Iceland but it could not raise its head. So it died the very next morning of its birth.

Two-headed Lamb9) Two-headed Grasshopper –

This picture was taken in a coffee farm of Amaga, state of Antioquia, Colombia. This grasshopper was very beautiful.

Two-headed Grasshopper10) Two-headed Fish –

This gold eye fish had two mouths instead of the one and was caught in Lake Athabasca, Canada.

Two-headed Fish

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