Apr 24, 2014

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High Speed Photography by Lex Augusteijn

Dutch photographer Lex Augusteijn is a recreational specializing in high-speed photography detaining the moment a bullet hits objects such as light bulbs, water-filled balloons and even drops of water.

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41 Responses to High Speed Photography by Lex Augusteijn

  1. Cobra says:

    The problem with these so-called high speed photos is, the bullets don’t look real. There are no lands and grooves on them, where the rifling would’ve contacted the bullet traveling through the rifle barrel. It appears that these projectiles were “shot” from an air rifle, traveling at a much lower speed than a conventional bullet. Granted, the pictures are awesome, but put into perspective, not as amazing as a capture from a real high speed bullet.

    • Canicula says:

      Those who can, do. Those who can’t, criticise.

      • Kal0h says:

        Just to add to what Canicula said, the shutter on the camera may not have been fast enough to catch every minute detail of the bullet. Notice that most of them appear blurry. Probably travelling too fast for the camera’s shutter. Even high speed cameras have limitations.

        • mike1962 says:

          High speed photos like this have nothing really to do with shutter speed. It’s the camera flash that freezes the action. You open the camera shutter in total darkness (thus no film/sensor exposed) fire the gun/water droplet etc. and use a sound/touch/laser trigger to activate the flash at the precise moment.

      • Deidre Grotbo Zganjer says:

        agree! i think the photographs are wonderful, and it is quiet hard to take.

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  2. TerryHesticles says:

    @98310a24ac38834f3bc25efbad31a7a7:disqus  , that was a pretty badass observation…

  3. Garret says:

    I agree with Cobra, but also, how are the light bulbs lit when they clearly aren’t connected to a circuit? Photoshopped?

    • Hobbes9595 says:

      One possible explanation for that observation is that there are wires contacting the back side of the bulb terminals, and are hidden from sight by the lightbulb.

    • birdman says:

      The metal is still glowing hot the the circuit that was there milliseconds ago, are these serious questions?

  4. Pooman666 says:

    shut the fuck up cobra

  5. shapewear says:

    I’ve always been a fan of high speed photography, and I agree that these are very nice shots.

  6. Bob says:

    Who cares? People care way to much about how something is made when they should care about the imagination and emotions it invokes.

    • Fdfdcfhgfgfh says:

      Except when they’ve been done before a hundred billion times. Go to deviant art sometime and look at the dates of water droplet photography and the thousands upon thousands of these type of pictures. When in doubt, drop some fruit in.

  7. Ghfhdf says:

    When doing high speed, take pictures of water. When bored of water droplets, change color. When bored with color, break things. When out of ideas, use guns. 

  8. Jaqueespino says:

    where do you find a face card with an H?

    • Ingomertenshoi says:

      We have them here in the Netherlands. I always assumed the H stood for heer, wich means lord, but I’m not sure that’s how it is.

  9. Glofish says:

    number 7 look like a mother holding a baby. very nice shots!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very amazing and fascinating high speed camera shots. I like how the droplet splashes look like mushroom spores.

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  11. bkk says:

    atleast his name isn’t pooman!

  12. RattleSnake says:

    “Cobra” = CUNT.

  13. Warriors41 says:

    All I see are galaxies, nebulas, pulsars, quasars….

  14. Wow! This is amazing! I wish I could buy this wonderful camera ever! I can use this in my own business! 

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  15. Charlie says:

    Those are great.  I tried to do this with my Canon SD770 and the CHDK program but it didn’t turn out anywhere close to this.

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