Horrible Cookbook Recipes

Cookbooks are loved worldwide for their yummy innovative recipes. They (cook books) are like the biggest gifts for all the chefs and so the books are highly praised, but some inventors tried some weird recipes and  put them into a cookbook. I must say the book of horrible recipes.

1) The Original Road Kill Cookbook –

All fear to see the animals died in the road accidents. But this recipe book has great recipes for the meat of their dead bodies.

The Original Road Kill Cookbook

2) The Iguana Cookbook –

One thing I know that nothing is more tasty than a live Iguana and if you want to cook it then you should buy this book.

The Iguana Cookbook

3)  Eat-a-Bug Cookbook –

The solution to cook the cricket bugs or cockroaches is given by David George Gordon.

Eat-a-Bug Cookbook

4) Manifold Destiny –

The only human on the earth to tell you how to cook food on your car engine is Manifold Destiny.

Manifold Destiny

5) Mini-Mart A La Carte –

This book contains more than 50 recipes for you with pre packaged ingredients like hot dog, spam, ketchup, etc.

Mini-Mart A La Carte

6) Cooking With Coolio –

“Pasta as a Rasta” and “Chicken lettuce blunts” are its famous weird recipes.

Cooking With Coolio

7) The Star Wars Cookbook –

Finally a cook book for the star wars crew. This book has only mouth watering recipes but not for you.

The Star Wars Cookbook8) The Star Trek Cookbook –

Klingdon blood pie and bregit lung are two extreme recipes which are also the star trek member’s favorite.

The Star Trek Cookbook

9) The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide And Cookbook –

What will this world do after our petroleum resources get extinct?  To prepare yourself for such a situation this cook book tells you how to survive afterwards.

The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide And Cookbook

10)  The Un-Constipated Gourmet –

this book has toilet paper on every page so that the Americans can clean their bowel after eating the fiber enriched food made after reading this book.

The Un-Constipated Gourmet

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