‘Invisible’ photographer Liu Bolin

‘Invisible’ photographer Liu Bolin

1. Just another trip to the produce aisle. Or is it? Look closely and you may spot Bolin standing in the middle of the frame. And no, these photos weren’t digitally altered.

2. Pandas, pandas everywhere. And a man is in there, too. No, really, trust us. He’s in there. Hint: Look for his shoes and then go up.

3. Bolin describes his philosophy in the press notes for an upcoming show.

4. Here, Bolin poses with a few friends. “Instead of saying that I simply disappear into the background.

5. We doubt the sign was tagged while Bolin was posing, but it’s fun to imagine a vandal’s reaction to the invisible man.

6. Bolin hides in plain sight, this time against the backdrop of what appears to be a government billboard.

7. “Um, yeah. Gimme one issue of Sports Illustrated, a copy of the New Yorker and whatever that invisible guy is reading.”

8. Bolin isn’t shy about posing in public spaces. Here the artist blends into a statue. Each piece requires careful body painting.

9. Please silence your ringers. In a world obsessed with cell-phones and communication, Bolin chooses to melt into the backdrop.

10.Bolin’s new show is at the Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris. It runs Jan. 10 to March 9, 2013. See it (and him) if you can.

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