Kim`s Pregnancy Looks

Kim is totally self conscious about her pregnancy weight gain, Fashionista is really confused what to wear, it took her so long to get it right. Rumors say she even took  advice from Snooki, that’s how desperate the situation became. Check out Kim’s pregnant style, rated from worst to best.

Whale attire

This was a huge flop, which resulted in Kim being straight up compared to a whale. This is the opposite of flattering, especially on a pregnant lady, hence her worst look.

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (1)
This doesn’t look bad from the front, but the skirt around the mid-section is not a good idea, as it accentuates the area more. See what we mean in the next pic…

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (2)

In this one Kim is super thick-looking. Besides that, it’s plain bad fashion sense.

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (3)
This is a few levels better than her previous looks, however we think pregnant women shouldn’t wear clubby mini-dresses with high heels, especially during the day.

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (4)
This looks rather attractive, and Kim’s smile really makes her shine in this one. However the see-through pattern of this dress doesn’t seem to be pregnancy-appropriate.

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (5)

Much classier than the previous choices, and definitely pregnancy appropriate. The floor-length dress makes Kim look longer, however the white still makes her look rather “whaley”.

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (6)

This is definitely cute on pregnant Kim. The color is vibrant and fun, and the design makes her look smaller at the waste.

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (7)
This is her best pregnancy look – here is why: The loose fitting shirt fits her belly and hides it perfectly. The black pants with knee-high boots elongate her legs and make her look as fabulous as before.

Kim`s Pregnancy Looks (8)


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