Leopard Scalped a Man and Attacked Citizens in India

The Indian city of Guwahati, Assam, four people were wounded in an attack by a leopard. Predator went to the shopping street, and when people tried to throw him out, the animal attacked the townspeople. Parana photographer Manas from Indian edition of «The Sunday Indian» was able to capture the moment of predation of one of his victims. Leopard literally scalped man clutches at one stroke.(9 photos)

1.  Last Saturday, an adult leopard inflicted wounds four people of the city of Guwahati in northeast India. One of the victims was seriously injured.
Leopard Scalped Citizen in India (9)

2. Animal fright start to rush, when passers-by tried to drive him from the high street,  attacked his attackers.

Leopard Scalped Citizen in India (8)

3. Journalists know that walking the streets predator, immediately went to the place where the witnesses have told how they saw a leopard.

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4. “Witnesses reported seeing the leopard got into the house. We, along with a cameraman went inside and saw a man with an iron bar chased the leopard.We shouted to him that he did not do it, so can a leopard attack. Second, and the leopard pounced on the man. I made a few clicks with trembling hands and ran away, for fear that the leopard would rush after me. My heart was pounding and his hands were shaking. I was scared. Another moment and I rushed back to help. By this time the leopard threw the man and ran away. Again, I jumped out of the house. After a few seconds out of the house struck the man. He was covered in blood, but was still alive, ” Said by Manas Paran.

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6. Only two hours later the animal was put to sleep and catch. he was in a shop.he was captured by a team of ten  and taken to City Zoo.

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7. Man lead to the ambulance.

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8.  Leopard was neutralized with tranquilizers and taken to the zoo of the city Guwahati.

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9. Predator, presumably, came from the wooded area Nabagraha, located near the city.

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10. In view of urbanization and increasing population in India, more and more wild animals such as predatory cats and elephants are forced to leave their usual habitat. In villages and small towns of India, clashes seems often between humans and wild animals.

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