Life in New York : The Stylish Apartments

New York has always been stylish, trendy – and in the design of apartments too. This is one of the most popular cities in the world, in which millions of people tried to implement their “American dream.” The city has a huge number of luxury expensive housing, including the spectacular skyscrapers with stunning penthouses and apartments. We offer a unique overview of the New York apartment with a stunning design, past and present, which offer a perfect view of the city.

1. Style and Color in West Chelsea



Speaking of modern design, we envision a neutral wall colors that dominate the interior. The apartment is located in West Chelsea, Manhattan, redefines the combination and use of color accents, gorgeous patterns, and general style, which creates an energetic atmosphere. Designer Drew McGuckin used large windows from floor to ceiling, pretending an integral part of interior design.

2. A modern functionalism




Luxury penthouse Milan Condominium worth 6.5 million dollars, with magnificent views of the city and the River East River is a fine example of gentrification in New York. Besides the beautiful view from the window, flat allocates amazing design in the functionalist style. Here you can see the unique chairs swans, tulip-shaped table, floor lamps from Arco and bar stools Cherner.Warm, soft colors of the interior, there are two bedrooms, master suite, living room and balcony make penthouse irresistible.

3. Magnificent apartment Picot




Design apartment Picot, created by Pepe Calderin, – a fine example of the proper use of light and dark colors in the interior. In contrast to the traditional use of white and gray at the base with a few splashes of color in the flat primary colors are black, red and gray, which in combination produce intricate and luxurious design, which is a complex of natural and electric light and different textures. The interior is impressive lightness and trendy decor.

4. Using the antique style apartments Setai Wall Street




Unique, exclusive and exceptional design penthouse located on the 30th floor of the building Setai WallStreet, particularly impresses with its originality. It is a collection of vintage items, antiques and rare finds that the owner of the apartments collected over the years around the world. For 13 million dollars, you not only can buy himself a penthouse and wake up every morning with views of the Statue of Liberty, but also a rare find in a theater doors in the Art Deco of the 1920s and the French leather club chairs of the last century. Neshtukaturenaya masonry and iron pipes enhance the uniqueness of the interior.

5. Inspiring updates



Many like renovation of the interior, reconstruction of obsolete items. Looking at the penthouse in the quarter Greenwich Village, reconstructed by Turett Collaborative Architects, no one would believe that at one time, in the 1990s, there was a garage with coal. During the renovation of the exterior house tried to keep its historic match, but the interior has been updated using a palette of earthy colors, fragments of masonry, wood and glass. Picturesque pond with carp, multiple bedrooms, a spacious living room and a parking place at different levels of this wonderful home.

6. Hollywood notes in the New York-style apartments Frank Sinatra




Would you like to have a part of Hollywood history, combined with the charming views of the River East River and the skyline?This luxury penthouse design in which a young man engaged artist album “Ol’Blue Eyes”, Frank Sinatra, and he also belonged.Print Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, staircase with glass steps of Apple’s retail stores and many brilliant interior – all reminiscent of the first owner of the apartment. Cost penthouse with a part of Hollywood history is only $ 6 million.

7. Luxury loft style SOHO

apartemet 8



Famous luxury New York loft-style SOHO can be regarded as the hallmark of New York in the field of design. The trendy and almost minimalist prevail black and white colors. The area where the apartments are located, is considered the cultural center located here thanks to art galleries, whose atmosphere has left its mark on the interior of the attic in the form of examples of fascinating wall papers and stylish sculptures. A perfect example of inheritance.

8. Multi-colored motifs Rio




Many New Yorkers have come from other cities in the world and contributed to the New York style in the form of national motives. For example, designers Christine Peixoto and her husband Marcus Silberman wanted to create an island of his native Rio de Janeiro to New York apartments worth 4.5 millions of dollars for. They enlisted the help of designer Maureen Hackett, who turned the apartment in New York Manhattan, located on the top floor of a skyscraper, a flourishing oasis in a tropical style.On the area of ​​600 m2, on the roof of the building, there was a tropical garden. Interior apartments also characterized Brazilian motifs.

9. Style Electric attic Prince Street




Despite the apparent Brutalism style apartments in Prince Street in harmony masonry, metal pipes and unpolished surface. The designer tried to keep the fashion trends, combined with an industrial style that has made ​​uniquely attractive penthouse in the urban jungle of New York!

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