Luxury apartments in Singapore with personal garage

Recently opened apartment building in Singapore offers apartment owners the luxury of your own parking space right next to the living room, high in the sky. The so-called “heavenly garage” are in a skyscraper Hamilton Scott. Downstairs there is an elevator that lifts cars owners of apartments right in their luxury apartment. A glass wall separates the living from this “garage”, allowing owners to proudly display their expensive toys on display.

Skyscraper Hamilton Scott is a few minutes’ walk from famous Orchard Road in Singapore – a city notorious for its lack of open spaces. Although the multi-level parking for residents of the house would have been enough, the developers decided to go ahead and literally lift the car in the lounge. It all starts in the basement, where drivers leave their cars at a certain point. Then they go out and run a biometric scan, and then lifts raise their cars in the right flat. The whole process is automated and requires no driver.


1. In the 30-storey building of 56 apartments, each of them has two parking spaces. The house also has a couple of penthouses in which the interior is decorated with the taste and desires of the buyer, it maintains an internal lift, as well as in each of these luxury apartments have a roof garden and swimming pool. Each penthouse accommodates for 4 cars.



2. The skyscraper was designed by Hamilton Scott Hayden Properties and is the first residential building in Asia with personal parking space directly in the apartments. There are such flats from 9.4 to 23.5 million dollars.



3. Cars approaching the skyscrapers in central Singapore.


4. Then they enter the complex on the first floor …



5. … and loaded into the elevator.



6. Then the driver leaves the vehicle on a rotating platform and out.



7. After that, the owner chooses a room of his apartment.



8. And the car is lifted to the desired floor.



9. Voila!

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