Magic Wand of COLORS

Amazing pen for three-dimensional printing has made ​​a small revolution in the market of 3d-printing and products for creativity. In 2013, the project has collected $ 2 million to “Kick”. Since then, more than 70 thousand people bought a cute device and try to uncover opportunities Dudler at 100%.

Propose to look at unusual ways to use handles for three-dimensional printing.

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Especially popular aircraft. Some of them fly only a couple of meters. More generally hardly ever fly.
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But here is the model of the aircraft is kept tolerably well in the air.

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The whole body of the model is made with the help of 3Doodler. Nylon threads run wings and tail mechanism borrowed from Lego. The author does not rest on its laurels and has already picked up the machines.
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2 Children Toys Now you can safely rejoice child new unusual toys made with their own hands. And ABS and PLA plastic, which “draws” handle, safe for children. Well-known designer of Lego is made of ABS plastic. PLA is more expensive and more secure.
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3 Repair Perhaps the most obvious use of a device that melts and quickly cools plastic – take it and do something to fix it. We are surrounded by so many plastic things that work for 3Doodler always there. For example, you can quickly patch up the furniture.

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4 Office one day to spend on 3Doodler, you can save on simple household and office details. For example, you can “draw” exclusive paper clips. Or “print” stand for pens.
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5 Decor With 3Doodler can significantly transformed and home. Please stand for your favorite things.

Magic Wand of COLORS (11)

Or, for example, for original frame for a photo
Magic Wand of COLORS (12)

And even a cage for a parrot.

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5 Jewellery Another very popular area of ​​application 3Doodler – decoration. Girls love to wear not only jewelry, but also tinkering something with their own hands. And for some of them 3D-press can become a serious hobby

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3D-printing technology can be used to create even the most important jewelry in my life.
Ring, probably not too practical. But lack of originality you exactly no one will reproach.

Magic Wand of COLORS (16)

6 Clothing And one enterprising American so imbued 3Doodler, which used to handle the design of clothing.

Magic Wand of COLORS (17)

Comes to the fact that craftsmen “paint” the whole dress.

Magic Wand of COLORS (18)

And hats.

Magic Wand of COLORS (19)

7 Accessories for gadgets Naturally, we can not neglected by smartphones and other mobile devices. With the proper approach, “printed” case protects your phone better than purchased. But the design is now limited only by your imagination.

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8 Gifts Pen 3Doodler have often included in various lists of “most original gifts.” However, you can not just give the handle itself, but what comes out of her pen. You can be the person who gives the most original gifts with friends.

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Immediately create a masterpiece using 3doodler, of course, will not be easy. But these examples show that it is often the result is worth the effort. Especially because what is given to us so hard, we become more expensive.
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