Magical ice hotel in Canada on a novel by Jules Verne…

Magical ice hotel in Canada on a novel by Jules Verne…

Unique Canadian ice hotel Hôtel de Glace in this year’s “back” after the 13th of reconstruction. Magic Castle annually constructed of hundreds of thousands of tons of snow and ice, each time in the design ice hotel play on a new topic. Last year, an amazing ice architecture was decorated with carved designs with motifs of nature, but this time the designers inspired by Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, was chosen as the theme “Journey to the Center of Winter”, focusing on the beauty of this time of year.

Masterfully built wall transport visitors into a magical winter country full of ornate design and carefully selected interior details.Located in the suburbs of Quebec ice hotel, ironically became a “hot spot” and attracts crowds of visitors wishing to tour a fancy hotel to spend the night here, or even get married in the beautiful chapel of the ice place. Because of the growing popularity, the hotel has increased the number of rooms to 44, compared to 36 last year. In addition, the hotel is a popular ice-bar and numerous activities for the whole family. Ice Hotel will be open to the public until March 24.

All photos: By Xavier Dachez



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